The Golden Bridge Vietnam going viral

Da Nang Vietnam is a popular destination for both domestic and foreign travelers because of its natural scenery. However, when the Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hills, and Ngu Hanh Son Mountain became popular, another beautiful scenery the Golden Bridge Vietnam with two giant hands was unveiled in Da Nang in June 2018.

The Golden Bridge Vietnam in Da Nang
The Golden Bridge Vietnam in Da Nang

The Golden Bridge Vietnam design

The shape of the bridge looks like a woman holding a stripe of yellow silk with her hands. These two giant stone hands reaching out from Ba Na Mountain, like a ruin from ancient times, surprise visitors with their unique and spectacular natural look. The 150-meter-long bridge situated at an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters above sea level connects the cable car station with nearby gardens. Thereby, visitors can admire the whole scenery of mountains, forests, cable car lines, and villages.

View from the Bridge
View from the Bridge

Thanks to its unique architecture, the Golden Bridge is highly regarded in the eyes of architects. It reminds people of the Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia – one of the most unusual bridges all over the world together with its remarkable length and height.

Also, the media predicts that the bridge will become a popular destination as well as a new symbol of Vietnam. Accordingly, more and more travelers all over the world will get excited to reach Golden Bridge Vietnam in the future.

The media talking about the Golden Bridge Vietnam

Recently, it is proudly announced that the Golden Bridge in Da Nang is named on the list of top 100 travel destinations in the world in 2018 by Time Magazine. It is definitely a great honor for the tourism product of Vietnam. Many prestigious newspapers in the world such as BBC, AFP, Reuters, CNN, Archdaily, etc. have also praised this unique design. The Golden Bridge also appears on many other famous websites such as Creapills, the site of French architecture and lifestyle. Creapills describes the Golden Bridge as an amazing masterpiece in Da Nang city offering visitors a wonderful experience like crossing paradise.

The Golden Bridge Vietnam's unique design
The Golden Bridge Vietnam’s unique design

Besides, the Instagram video of the Golden Bridge in Da Nang from StreetArtGlobe quickly reached nearly 800,000 views. While the 7.1 million followers StreetArtGlobe is famous for its cultural and artistic all over the world, the video will be certainly a boost for Da Nang tourism. After being posted, it has involved a lot of comments from people in different countries giving their compliments on the beauty of the bridge and expressing their desire to visit.

The owner of the Smashpop account on Instagram – Jason Goh from Malaysia – received nearly 30,000 likes for the bridge photos taken with a flycam which is mostly recommended in order to capture the best shot. However, visitors still have many ways to check in the Golden Bridge impressively.

Different photo angles

  • From the middle of the giant hand

It is the best photo angle but you need to be lucky enough when there is no visitor around. However, it seems unlikely these days due to a large number of visitors coming every day. Therefore, you need to plan for that such as sleeping overnight in Ba Na Hills, waking up early, waiting for the right moment to capture or interfering with the Photoshop application.

The beautiful rainbow
The beautiful rainbow
  • From the right of the bridge

As soon as you step down the elevator, look at the right of the bridge, it is one of the favorite photo angles. It is where you can get a panoramic view of giant hands. Still, you can take the camera outside the railing to get the road below the hands.

  • From a corner of the bridge

If you cannot wait for the crowds, you can take a narrow-angle of the bridge. You can still show to everybody on Facebook where everyone desires to visit.

  • From the bottom up

If you are a fan of photography and the spectacular scenery, you can shoot from the bottom with the flower garden. It is for sure a unique angle with the whole hands towards the blue sky.

  • A single-hand photo

In this case, you should be in the middle building of the bridge, taking from the base of the giant hand through the window glass for a perfect single-hand photo.

Suggested Vietnam tours including Da Nang

In conclusion, if Da Nang is one of your destinations in your Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks, do not miss the Golden Bridge with its impressive design on the peak of Ba Na Hills. It is where you can get immersed in the spectacular view as well as take many beautiful photos.

Yen Nghiem – Travel Specialist

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