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Tropical in most of the plains, the Laos’ climate is subtropical in the mountains and in the far north. In addition, it is also governed by the monsoons: the summer monsoon brings rains and humidity from May to the beginning or the middle of October and the winter monsoon brings good weather and a little cool at night from November to February. However, the monsoons, which do not always arrive in the same period, and do not always have the same intensity, are quite irregular. You can visit Laos through Indochina travel Laos

Summer in Luang Prabang-
Summer in Luang Prabang-source: Internet

The period before the monsoon, from March to May, the temperature is at its highest of the year, still dry, but with some afternoon thunderstorms. In summertime, it is less hot, with highs around 30/32 °C, but with much moisture. With the average highs about 35 °C, but with peaks of 40/42 °C in the center-south and even 45 °C in the north, which has a greater continentality, April is the hottest month. In May, in the south, the temperature begins to decrease while it is still very hot, especially in the first part in the north, where the monsoon arrives later.

Vientiane-source: Internet

During winter, in the Northern, nights are cool, in Luang Prabang, from December to February, the temperature is around 13/15 °C, and sometimes, it can drop almost to the freezing point; in December and January, highs are around 27/28°C, while reach 31 °C as early as February. Sometimes in winter, it can get very hot during the day. Laos travel tours

When to go

Best time to go to Southern Laos
Best time to go to Southern Laos-source: Internet

These months from November to February, which are the coolest part of the dry season, is the best time to visit Laos. However, in November, and sometimes even in the first half of December, typhoons or tropical storms can still go through the country. In February, the temperature in Laos usually begins to rise, and sometimes it can exceed 35°C. Even though sometimes it can get hot even in January, the bearable humidity and the cool nights making from mid-December to late January the best time to visit. Notice that across the country, the temperature in winter can get cold at night with the minimum of below 10 °C, especially in the north, in some cases, it can drop even to the freezing point.

Nice weather
Nice weather-source: Internet

From March to May until the arrival of the monsoon, the lowlands have uncomfortably hot weather, while it is more bearable in the mountains. Even though during the afternoon there may be some thunderstorms and showers, the weather is still good.

From May to September, during the rainy season, at least in the lowlands, the sky is often cloudy, the heat is sweltering, and torrential rains sometimes make travelling difficult; in the short periods of great weather, which last for a few days, the heat returns to be intense.

What to pack

What to pack
What to pack-source: Internet

In winter: In the Northern Laos (such as: Luang Prabang): raincoat for the drizzle, light clothes for the day, a sweater and a jacket for the evening; in the northern cities above 1,000 meters: a sweater, a warm jacket and spring/autumn clothes for the evening. For the highest peaks, warm clothes, down jacket, hat, gloves. For the south-central plains (Pakxe, Savannakhet and Vientiane): a light sweatshirt, light clothing for the evening, possibly a sweater or a light jacket for cooler evenings.

In summer: for the highest peaks: hiking shoes, raincoat, sweater and warm clothes; above 1,000 meters: you can add a light jacket and a sweatshirt and all over the country, at low altitude, a light sweater for the evening, an umbrella or light raincoat and lightweight clothing of natural fibers.

If you want to enter pagodas, remember that it is customary to dress neatly, cover a little and remove shoes.

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