Pakbeng, memorable destination in Laos

Pakbeng is not somewhere you are likely to stop for more than a night on your way between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang day tours but actually you should. One day or two must be spent there once you visit this millions of elephants country. With just small discovery, Pakbeng is obviously a very impressive rural place indeed.

Small village corner in Pakbeng
Small village corner in Pakbeng

The town is well worth wandering upon pleasant overlooking the Mekong it has to offer. Pakbeng possesses its own pulse, regulating by the waves of sailors who want to process their own services and village trekking cannot be missed. For a more ‘Laos’ experience, head up to the early morning market and have a look at all the local production including dried buffalo skin, frogs on sticks, pigs face and buffalo hooves would be great chance for experiencing countryside life.

Monks in their unique costumes
Monks in their unique costumes

Especially, Laotians are widely popular for their appreciating friendliness. Pakbeng residents play indispensable role to remain this cultural manner. Upon trekking on the road to the top of the village, visitors may easily run into many monks and novices wearing saffron woolly hats who are eager to talk, eager to show their home and their vision of the meaning of life. Enjoying rural but amazing feelings deserves your desire to immerse yourself into peaceful out of bustling life!

The Indochina Voyages team.

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