Pu Luong – a highly recommended place for eco-nature lovers
Serenely located in the mountainous north west of Thanh Hoa province, about 160 km from Hanoi, Pu Luong, which is home to 24 villages of Muong and Thai people, has been a highly recommended place for exploration lovers. To get more information, you can click Indochina tours Vietnam
Hieu Village

Hieu village attracts tourists for its simplicity
Hieu village attracts tourists for its simplicity- source: internet

With steep slopes of jagged mountains, thatched bamboo houses on stilts, natural waterfall running all day and night in beautiful precipitous valleys, dense forests of giant tropical trees and picturesque terraced rice fields as stunning background, Hieu Village, which is home to generations of Black Thai ethnics, attracts tourists for being not only the best place to discover an idyllic Vietnamese village but also the best place to contemplate the spectacular rural scenes with adults doing their farms on these huge terraced fields and children happily playing in the courtyards.

What to do in Hieu Village

A visit to the impressive Hieu waterfall

Impressive scenery to enjoy in Hieu Village
Impressive scenery to enjoy in Hieu Village- source: internet

The impressive Hieu waterfall, where you can immerse in the cool waters, make a stop for picnic lunch or just simply relax by the fall when being on the way of trekking, see and hear the crystal water falling from above, is what you should not miss in Hieu village. See more: Vietnam travel and tours

Experience trekking in Hieu Village

Taking you though Doc village and Lac village, a 3-hour trekking route with Hieu Waterfall (Thac Hieu) as the final destination will give hikers a chance to admire these exceptional views of great mountains and valleys as well as get to know more about the daily activities of locals. Having not much tourism influence, the remote Hieu Village has no restaurants or shops in its surroundings, so it is wise to bring with you enough snacks and hydrating beverages to keep you excited all the time.

A homestay in Hieu Village

With more investment in homestay conditions to meet the demands of travelers, Hieu Village is a popular spot for both domestic and foreign tourists. Mr Si’s and Mr Ba’s are the two homestays to choose from. If you want to enjoy private bungalow with a good service, Mr Si’s resort is a suitable choice, however, expect the high cost. If you want to experience authentic feelings of local cultures, Mr Ba’s homestay, where you are provided with simple mattress and mosquito net, wonderful lunches or dinners with Vietnamese dishes cooked by female owner at reasonable rates, is the best option.

Kho Muong Village

Kho Muong Village
Kho Muong Village- source: internet

With the primitive charm, the hospitable local people and the gorgeous Kho Muong Cave, which is considered as the most beautiful cave in Vietnam, Kho Muong Village is a must-visit place in Pu Luong. With most of 300 locals belonging to White Thai ethnic group, this village, which is located far deep in central zone of the reserve and pretty isolated from other villages in the region, is also a place to experience the differently gentle beauty.

What to do in Kho Muong Village

Go trekking in Kho Muong Village

Kho Muong Village-stunning place for trekking experience
Kho Muong Village-stunning place for trekking experience- source: internet

On the route connecting Mai Chau and Pu Luong, from Ban Sai and via road 15A, you will be well treated with the most splendid scenery with huge steep cliffs and green forest on one side and these unique features of rice terraces and villages on other. It is highly recommended to take part in a 3-6-day trekking tour to get all of awe-inspiring sights of valleys and mountains.

A stay with White Thai locals

Staying with locals at any houses in Kho Muong, you will definitely appreciate this small corner of paradise with nice people, peaceful atmosphere and pristine scenery making you feel like at home. Moreover, when being treated to the very typical dishes such as: bitter soup, corn wine, forest banana flower salad and especially boiled duck meat, you will be touched by the hosts’ hospitality. To see how a day of locals is, let’s get up early to observe or even participate in these activities of your host family.

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