Reasons to fall in love with Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

A vast area almost 290.228,4 miles square, a jigsaw of 3 states of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, Indochina is a destination which will always delight and thrill. If you have never been to Indochina and you are curious about what it is like, here is a glimpse into the Indochinese way of life. While the experience of visiting the Indochina cannot be the same as living in it, these fascinating reasons will convince you that an Indochina tour Vietnam is well worth.

Indochina is undeniably gorgeous


Indochina is undeniably gorgeous
Indochina is undeniably gorgeous

When I ask someone overseas where in Indochina they want to visit, almost everyone will focus only on the same big cities and hotspots including Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Halong Bay, Phnom Penh, or Siem Reap – the gateway to the Angkor Wat and the UNESCO Heritage Site itself. It is understandable why you want to visit these top tourist attractions in Indochina, especially if it is your first time in our countries but actually, there is so much more to Indochina that makes it such a great destination.

Still dreaming about that Indochina vacation you have promised yourself ever since the beginning of 2018? Well, how about stop dreaming and start planning to transform your Indochina dream vacation into reality right now?

Indochina is full of hidden gems



It is has been decades since the Angkor Wat, Halong Bay, and Luang Prabang became these firm favorites on the tourist trail, but other picturesque Indochina’s spots are still off most travelers’ radars. If you find a hidden gem one of the joys of traveling, Indochina is full of them to make you excited.

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Along back roads and far out farmlands is a tranquil collection of temples, pagodas, ceremonial gates, streams, traditional wooden houses, and gardens that do not get much attention they deserve. Seated in the heart of the natural wilderness are abandoned sites – the most majestic places in the area, with serene and blissful surroundings, often passed by as they are seemingly considered meaningless! But you never know when you could be missing out on an incredible occasion to know more about a hidden gem among what appears to be a plot of nothingness.

Indochina has an extraordinary calendar of festivals


Asia has an extraordinary calendar of festivals
Asia has an extraordinary calendar of festivals- source: Wiki Travel

Even a short tour of Indochina can expose the travelers to a multitude of festivals. For the first days of the 1st month of the lunar calendar, Vietnam is exactly where you want to be to see how Vietnamese celebrate Tet Nguyen Dan – our biggest festival of a year. At the Water Festival (Bonn Om Touk) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, you can treat yourself to a food feast with fireworks, celebrations, fluvial parades, boat races, and general merriment and take in the wholesome carnival atmosphere. You could also visit Laos for Pi Mai Lao – Lao New Year – the largest festival in the country – that is just to name a few of interesting festivals to enjoy on your Indochina tours. In 2018, there is no wrong time to fulfill your wishes.

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Indochina welcomes all foreign travelers with open arms

In addition to the landscapes and cultures idealized for years by centuries of history, popular movie scenes, and legendary photo backgrounds, the Indochinese Peninsula also attracts people all over the world for the smiling faces of people living here. For most Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians, hospitality is a way of life. The more you travel, the more realize just how kind we as Indochinese can be.

Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians, everyone here will always be pointed in the direction of the best places to visit. No matter where you travel in Indochina, you are sure to be warmly welcomed with open arms.

Top tip! To get to see the real Indochina and get to really know us, just forget about the main streets that make up the heart of Indochina and head to the hidden corners and alleys to grab a beer or a coffee at the ‘local’, where the locals gather.

Simple yet delicious food with a low chair


You will find everything here in Indochina – one of the most charming, inspirational, and best-looking areas in the whole world, from culture and fabulous history to peaceful atmosphere, gorgeous villages, outstanding nightlife, and especially simple yet mouthwatering food. Indochina is jam-packed with great tantalizing foodie experiences. Much like the people living here, Indochina’s cuisine is widely varied. And an Indochina adventure is also about sampling the local favorites. Once tasting them, maybe you will finally find yourself addicted to Pho – Vietnam’s national noodle soup, Vietnamese spring rolls (nem), Lao Laap – Laos’ national dish, spicy papaya salad, and sweet mango sticky rice, or fish amok, kuy teav – noodle soup, and prahok – a staple to any Cambodian dish in Cambodia – that impulse you keep seeking for so long!

There are only 3 glorious states of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in Indochina but at least a million reasons to visit the great United States. We have come up with a few reasons to explore, just to get you started. From epic views and glorious nature times to secret spots and delicious dishes to try – Indochina covers all bases!

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