The Ultimate Cambodia Travel Guide for 2023: Top Attractions and Tips

Though Cambodia is not so popular in the region, this country is still a wonderful destination in Indochina. There are tons of attractions waiting for you to explore; from busy, bustling cities to small villages to wild jungles and stunning coastlines. This land is rich in culture, customs, and religion. The Cambodians are amazingly lovely. They are friendly, hospitable and always full of smile, despite their tragic history. We hope you’ll have a tremendous trip in this beautiful country, and here are some tips to help you enjoy your Cambodia tours 2023 to the fullest.

Quick information about Cambodia

Cambodia currency

The official currency of the country is Riel (KHR), but you still don’t have to exchange cash. In fact, Cambodia uses USD, and they’d prefer you to pay in USD. It’s much easier and cheaper for you.

Cambodia visa

There are two types of Visa: Visa on Arrival or E-Visa. You’ll need a valid pass-port and a recent passport-sized photo. You can purchase the Visa at the airport for $30 in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and borders. The E-Visa is quicker, but you have to pay some additional charge, and it’ll cost you around $40. You’ll get a tourist Visa valid for 30 days allowable stay upon entering Cambodia. To register the Evisa, click HERE for more detailed information.

Cambodia language

Cambodian speaks Khmer. People in big cities are able to use English, due to the rise of tourism. Nonetheless, you can pick up some basic words


Tuk-tuks are three-wheeled vehicles that are popular for short trips around town. You should use it when traveling from hotels to popular tourist destinations located in the center. It’s easy to find them in most areas of Cambodia and also affordable. Tuk-tuks are the best choice for budget travelers who want to experience local transportation and do not mind the open-air ride.

On the other side, if you want to explore Cambodia on your own, you can rent a motorbike. It’s the most convenient way to travel around. However, you should know that driving a motorbike in Cambodia can be dangerous, so travlers should take precautions and wear helmets.

Consider getting around by taxi if you want a more comfortable and convenient ride. You can find them easily in some major cities, but it’s harder coming to the countryside landscape.


In general, Cambodia is a safe place. However, you should be fully aware of pickpocketing, bag snatching, and scams. And remember not to wander in rural areas alone, especially without your guide.

When to visit Cambodia

This tropical climate country is very hot all year around. The best time for Cambodia tours is from November to March since it’s the dry season. The weather is quite agreeable, cooler and a bit windy. And if you don’t mind some rain, you may even travel during monsoon season (from June to November) to avoid the massive crowds.

Food and Accommodation

Khmer Red Curry
Khmer Red Curry

Cambodian cuisine is similar to Thai, but it uses fewer spices and tends to be healthier. Their staple food are rice and noodle. Normally a Cambodian meal consists of a soup, a main dish which is usually curry, stir-fry or salad, and dessert. Some of the most common and must-try dishes are Bai Sach Chrouk with pork and rice, Fish Amok – a type of curry, Lap Khmer – lime-marinated beef salad, Nom Banh Chok – Khmer noodles and Red Curry. Finally, don’t forget all the tasty fruits in this land.

Cambodia has every accommodation choice you need, from cheap dorm rooms in hostels to mid-range guesthouses, to classy five-star hotels. Airbnb is also available. Prices range from US$7 – 10 to US$40++.

Brief, holidays in Cambodia 2023 is relatively cheap, you only have to spend US$20-US$25 per day for your visit.

Things to do in Cambodia

Explore the historic attractions

angkor wat
Angkor Wat

There are a lot of things to see and do in this awesome country, but we highly recommend some famous historic attractions. The dynamic capital Phnom Penh with the Royal Palace, the temple town Siem Reap and astounding Angkor Wat, riverside city Battambang and charming town Kampot.

Relax on the beach

Song Saa Private Island, Koh Rong

Besides, you shouldn’t miss the heavenly islands. Whether you want to chill on the beach or have a great time party, they may able to suit your need. Go to Koh ta Kiev for a laid-back and relaxing space, and Koh Rong or Sihanoukville for an exciting party time.

Enjoy the nightlife

Another interesting activity you shouldn’t miss when going on vacation in Cambodia 2023 is exploring the nightlife. Bright lights, fun and lively night markets, cool, cozy pubs and bars to wild hip clubs. At night, this old country changes altogether, to a gorgeously maddening place.

Some necessary etiquette

monks of Cambodia
monks of Cambodia
  • Cambodia is a highly religious country, with the dominance of Buddhism. It’s okay if the visitors are not familiar with the local customs, but you should always be respectful. One thing to remember is you must dress appropriately when visiting the religious sites, with your legs and shoulders covered.
  • Also, remember to remove your shoes and hats before entering a temple.
  • Refrain yourself from shouting, or acting aggressively, because to their culture, “lose one’s cool” in public is completely unacceptable.
  • Always be kind and polite to people, especially the elders and the monks. Never bring up the sensitive subjects such as war, violence, or the Khmer Rouge.

Suggested Cambodia tours

If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, it’s essential to have a well-planned itinerary to have a lifetime experience. However, it can be challenging to navigate a new place without a guide. That’s why you should connect with local guides who can bring you insider knowledge and make your experience much more memorable.

Cambodia is a splendid and spectacular destination with beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage. Follow our guide to have a remarkable experience during Cambodia tours 2023.

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