Things to do in Phnom Penh

Being worried that Phnom Penh is a dangerous and uninteresting city, many people are likely to skip the stunning capital city of Cambodia and head straight for Siem Reap. However, these expert travelers of the “unpopular capital”,  in Southeast Asia have discovered all that the city has to offer and has claimed that, Phnom Penh certainly deserves a few days at least, while it is underrated and understated. Let’s discover these favorite things you can do in Phnom Penh. Travel Indochina Cambodia

The best place for bagging bargains

Russian Market
Russian Market-

Although there is also plenty of light feeling of reassurance in the city, it is lucky that Phnom Penh is widely (and quite correctly) thought to be one of the best places to go shopping in Cambodia. In the Central Market (Phsar Thmey), under the striking yellow dome, from cheap electronics to clothes and local souvenirs, you can pick up anything. The interesting mazes inside the Russian Market (Psah Toul Tom Pong) where you not only can find Khmer trinkets and colorful ethical crafts, but also want to catch a closer insight to explore all manner of stalls, selling incredible looking local fruits and obscure car parts, are also well worth discovering.

Phnom Penh nightlife

Foreign Correspondents’ Club
Foreign Correspondents’ Club-

By night, Phnom Penh seems to have another distinctive atmosphere. Since sunset-seekers settle down, with cocktails in hand while admiring the glowing red ball settle on the Mekong River, the riverfront’s rooftop bars buzz with the merrily clinking of glasses. The legendary Foreign Correspondents’ Club, where a cold beer and the nightly sunset keep everyone happy under the hum of the ceiling fans, remains a popular choice.  Cambodia travel tours

Praiseworthy Cambodian cuisine

Le Jardin
Le Jardin – Source:

Not only being the ideal shopping center, the capital city is also the most perfect place to enjoy both international and Khmer dishes in Cambodia. With dishes like sticky rice with mango and Kampot pepper crab and amok (coconut fish steamed in banana leaves), food here is slowly developing its own identity. Not only in Siem Reap but also in Phnom Penh can you see the concept of ethical eating with a large number of coffee shops and restaurants training formerly disable people in all things culinary. With places such as Friends the Restaurant, Romdeng and Le Café Mith Samlanh of the heart of the Friends International brand, you can see this concept. Sugar ‘n Spice Café at Daughters and the Cafe Yejj near the Russian Market, are other recommendations.

Exploring on foot or tuk-tuk

Explore Phnom Penh by tuk tuk
Explore Phnom Penh by tuk tuk-

Although the best way to get around this relatively compact capital is traveling by tuk-tuk, the French Quarter which is probably the only intact historic neighborhood with amazing colonial architecture and wide boulevards in the city, is the best choice if you enjoy walking. Before heading to river, do not forget to look out for the former Banque de l’Indochine, Manolis Hotel and Raffles Hotel as well as the 27-metre-high hill of Wat Phnom, which Phnom Penh was named after. The views are not half-bad as it is the highest point in this low-rise city. From the comfort of a pedal-powered cyclo, you can also take an architecture tour around the city run by the not-for-profit group KA Tours.

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