Best Things To Do In Sapa In March

March is coming with everything in its shifting; winter is turning into spring, flowers are wearing their most colorful dress, and the New Year is finally in its full flux. Where should travelers to Vietnam begin? No town seems more familiar than Sapa in March, which has so much to offer. Adventure lovers will love the town’s sea of colorful flowers and trekking trails at all levels, while culture hounds will appreciate the Sapa’s unique local markets, affordable fare, and hospitable ethnic people, not to mention the decrease in hotel rates and crowd density.

Is March a great time to visit Sapa?

Exploring Sapa in March by your way
Exploring Sapa in March on your way

Marking the start of the shift from the dry season to the rainy season, Sapa in March in North-west Vietnam means slightly warmer weather, but the peak season crowds have not arrived. It is good as you will not have to wait in queues for so long.

Though it is still recommended to pack some warmer clothing, do not be surprised to see Sapa locals talking up the end of sweater weather with glee. The major weather perk, though, is that Sapa sees an increase in humidity and sunshine hours during this time. It makes exploring its many outdoor markets, including Love Market, Bac Ha Market, Muong Hum Market, Can Cau Market, Coc Ly Market, and Sapa Market; visiting ethnic villages like Cat Cat and Ta Phin; especially visiting the Hoang Lien Mountains – the Tonkinese Alps; and conquering Fansipan – the Indochina’s Rooftop much more enjoyable.

Plan an Indochina travel in March in Sapa? Take a look at the weather forecast without delay!

Top things to do in Sapa

Since we leave winter behind, March is such a good month for being outdoors. Take the chance to go on a trekking tour or just walk around to see the changing floral landscape.

Contemplate the scenery of one of Vietnam’s most scenic areas


Sapa is all about nature, and its March is all about the flora. While bloom times can vary year to year, you can still see new buds start sprouting on the trees and the pink color of cherry blossom ornamenting the town and the vast forests just outside the town by early March. Therefore, March is believed to be one of the best times in the year for an Indochina tour in Vietnam’s northwestern mountains and forests. Do not forget your camera, as spectacular views present themselves everywhere you go!

Go trekking for new landscapes and new experience

A significant increase of approximately 5°C of the daily mean temperature experiences compared with the previous two months, more sunny days, together with fresh air in March, means you can spend your days comfortably going trekking.

As Edmund Hillary – a Pioneering Conquerer of Everest, said: “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” – A trekking tour in Sapa gives you more than just a chance to admire the most breathtaking mountain views and the impressive wildlife and terrain without filters. Trek not just to reach the villages of the remote hill tribes such as Cat Cat Village, Muong Hoa Valley, Giang Ta Chai, Y Linh Ho village, Ta Van Village, etc. But to get an insight into the distinctive traditions and lifestyles of Black Hmong, Red Dao, Hmong, and Zay people.

Is it possible to explore Sapa by yourself? Certainly! However, it is wise to hire an experienced local guide, who is familiar with the mountainous area’s terrain, the sudden changes in weather, and the best lookout spots.

Visit a local market

A fascinating local market in Sapa
A fascinating local market in Sapa

Even though the weather may still be quite cold, the significant signs of spring appear in Sapa in March. There is no better month to visit Love Market, Bac Ha Market on Sunday, Can Cau Market on Saturday, or any of Sapa’s other top markets. This is your occasion to see flowers in full bloom along the route around 100km from Sapa, meet ethnic people, and taste their food specialties like thắng cố (a type of soup which is made of horse meat, horse’s viscera, and horse’s bone), Thịt heo cặp nách (Cap Nach Pork), Cơm lam (Bamboo sticky rice), black chicken, black mushroom, etc.

Conquer Fansipan Peak to get into the cloud

Considered the most challenging trekking route in Sapa – trekking to the top of Fansipan Peak is only best tackled by experienced hikers.

Conquering Fansipan Peak – which is often obscured by clouds – is an unscripted experience filled with surprises. Allow two days and one night to complete this hike! The rough terrain makes this trek suitable for only the fittest of trekkers and best tackled on a group tour with an experienced guide.

Visiting Sapa in March means you can find mild temperatures and small crowds in town in northwest Vietnam – a perfect combination for visiting a local market or trekking to ethnic people’s villages and having an unforgettable experience of Sapa homestays.

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