Top things to go through the exhilarating experience in Meo Vac Ha Giang

Meo Vac belongs to Ha Giang province in the Northern of S-shaped land – Vietnam. Meo Vac is located in the valley and surrounded by stone mountains. It is the home of generations of Mong – an ethnic group in Vietnam and the life here is not as hustling and bustling as in the big city. Therefore, Meo Vac Ha Giang is a wonderful place for you to escape from the crazy daily life. If you are looking for an authentic experience in Meo Vac, Vietnam, let’s join Indochina tours to start a lifetime journey.

The view of Meo Vac town
The view of Meo Vac town -source: internet

What to do in Meo Vac Ha Giang

A quick trip to Lo Lo ethnic village

Situated serenely in Sang A Pa in Meo Vac, Lo Lo is a sleepy tiny village, but it hides a wealth of secrets of the authentic traditions and customs of an ethnic group. The undisputed highlights of the little village include not only the spectacular beauty of the natural landscape but also quaint customs and tradition as well as simple but exciting day-to-day life of local inhabitants. It is lucky for you yourself to witness the music performances with the charming and attractive dancing organized regularly by Lo Lo ethnic group in some special festivals such as tree dipping, corn picking or Tet holiday. Indeed, a visit to Lo Lo ethnic village is what you should not miss when passing by Meo Vac.

An Exploration of Sam Pun Port

Sam Pun Port is a highly recommended destination for adventure and exploration lovers. The reason why Sam Pun Port is suggested as the must-visit is that the winding and rugged paths to get there in and along the mountains offers adventure – loving travelers a “dreamland” to meet their demand. When coming to a full stop in Sam Pun Port, you can be overwhelmed with the marvelous and glorious natural view of mountains and forests so that it might win your eyes at the first sight. Unlike other busy ports, this port in Vietnam-China border remains still an idyllic atmosphere in a strange way.

The winding path to Sam Pun Port
The winding path to Sam Pun Port – source: internet

The immersion into local markets, especially Khau Vai “love” one

Here is the list of local markets which you should reach if the time is not your problem:

  • Central market – Meo Vac in every Sunday morning
  • Niem Son market – 5 days one time
  • Pa Vay Su market on every Thursday
  • Xin Man or Chi Ca market on every Friday
  • Then Phang market in every Saturday morning
  • Nan Xin or Sung Tra market on every Thursday
  • Coc Pai market in every Sunday morning

Making a stop for buying some adorable items or clothes to recognize how skillful local people are; taking a short rest to try some delicious food on the way of exploration or simply immersing yourself into hustling atmosphere with the image of colorful buyers or sellers in traditional clothes are what you can try in these above markets.

Khau Vai – a so-called market is not really a market, which is a popular spot for both domestic and foreign tourists. It is the ideal place that young girls and boys meet their half and form a romantic and long-standing love relationship.

Young girls and boys in Khau Vai love market
Young girls and boys in Khau Vai love market -source: internet

A taste of specialties

Thang Co is regarded as the delicious and famous specialties in Meo Vac with special cooking recipe and ingredients from animal organs. Despite of being not eye-catching, Thang Co gives visitors an indescribably nice taste. Let’s try it to gain your own feeling. Have you ever heard the grilled moss?  So strange! However, this food is cooked thoroughly and tasty; therefore, it is listed as the must-try food in Meo Vac. In addition, 5-color sticky rice is also highly recommended for you when you have opportunity to arrive at Meo Vac town.

5-color sticky rice
5-color sticky rice- source: internet

Hope the above information will contribute partly to your unforgettable experience in Meo Vac. And there are more and more authentic things to do in Ha Giang are await you to explore.

If you are planning for your trip to Vietnam or Ha Giang particularly, you can take a look at some of our itineraries to have more ideas. And send us a request if you want to get your own customized tour and the quote will be sent to you immediately.

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