Vietnam issue Visa Exemption for citizens of 5 Western European countries

The Vietnam’s government has recently made a decision on extending visa exemptions by an additional year for citizens from Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and France for one more year till the 30th June, 2018. This decision aims at drawing attraction and inviting more European citizens to come to visit Vietnam, thereby facilitating business travel and foreign investment into Vietnam by boosting domestic tourism. On the 30th June, 2016, the Resolution No. 56/NQ-CP on visa waiver programs for citizens coming from a number of countries in Europe was issued by the Vietnamese government. For more information, you can click: Indochina tours


Regardless of their types of passport or the purpose of immigration, as long as the travelers stay in Vietnam no more than fifteen (15) days and meet the requirements of relevant Vietnam’s laws, the visa exemption will be applied. This Decree took effects on the 30th June, 2016.

Since the 1st July last year, the Vietnamese Government has applied the waiver for travelers from the five above-mentioned European countries for the period of one year. The Decree promises to attract international travelers, foreign investment, bring development opportunities to the tourism industry of Vietnam and promote the growth of FDI enterprises in Vietnam.

Thanks to visa exemption, Vietnam welcomes a large number of travelers
Thanks to visa exemption, Vietnam welcomes a large number of travelers – source: internet

This favorable policy will be re-examined and extended in line with Vietnam’s law. Currently Vietnam unilaterally offers a 30-day visa waiver for travelers from the 10-member ASEAN bloc, except for Bruneians who receive a 14 day waiver and visa exemptions for travelers from Russia, South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The Vietnamese government has recently issued a resolution on time-limit visa exemption for people from Belarus.

Over the past year, this visa exemption for the five Western European countries has made a greatly positive influence on the development of Vietnamese tourism. According to the speech of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, from July last year to May this year, eleven months since the enforcement of the visa-free policy, the total number of travelers from these five countries to Vietnam increased by more than 15 per cent compared to the prior period. Vietnam tour packages

Visa exemption contributes to Vietnam’s tourism development
Visa exemption contributes to Vietnam’s tourism development – source: internet

What to expect in Vietnam

Visa exemption gives Spanish, Italians, British, Germans and French more chances to visit Vietnam in a much easier way with simple visa procedures. Once coming to Vietnam, they will definitely be impressed by the charming beauty of this peaceful country.

Gorgeous landscape

What you can see in Vietnam is what cannot be found elsewhere in the world: the inescapable landscape, a beauty in the people, peaceful tranquility when waking up to the crowing of roosters in the morning, an organized chaos and a phenomenal live music scene.

Hospitable people

Hospitable Vietnam
Hospitable Vietnam- source: internet

Vietnamese culture is a unique one that is completely different from those of other countries in the world. Vietnamese people are some of the most hospitable and genuine ones you can meet, and stay true to their own culture, but also are able to adapt and are willing to learn more about your culture and your country. They express their genuine interest in what you are talking about and easily become excited and laugh. They also will happily give the answers to all of your questions about Vietnam, and will meticulously explain until you understand well. Let’s explore with: Indochina tours Vietnam

Places to go in Vietnam

Halong Bay

Seeing forever bright green color, quietly flowing water, Halong Bay is beautiful four seasons of a year. It is surreal to say the least, spiritual at most to weave through the almost 2000 islands when you are sitting atop jade-green water. Exploring the islands of Halong Bay then you will make this incredible story come true.

Sapa – the fanciful town in fog

Sapa – the fanciful town in fog
Sapa – the fanciful town in fog – source: internet

Sapa is a romantic town famous for its charming scenery; various families of flowers of captivating colors, unique in the vast country and special cultural diversity in a combination of the culture of ethnic minorities. Coming to Sapa, travelers will have amazing chances to explore the local residents’ unique customs. Always crowded and joyful, local markets, which are the town’s typically cultural element, attracts hundreds of travelers.

Hanoi – the antique & dynamic capital of Vietnam

Not only being the culture, economy, politics and society center of Vietnam, Hanoi capital city is well known for numerous mountains, lakes and rivers alongside and in the surroundings. One-Pillar pagoda, 36 Old Quarter, Ba Dinh Square, Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum are the most famous tourist destinations.

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