Vietnamese Women’s Museum – Is it worth visiting?

The Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi is a cultural gem that stands out as one of the city’s must-visit attractions. While the focus was on women, the museum gave the most complete and tangible perspective on life in Vietnam today and in the past including daily life, traditions, and warfare. If you’re planning a trip to Hanoi and wondering whether this museum is worth your time, the answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why:

Why should you visit the Vietnamese Women’s Museum?

Cultural and Historical Insight

This museum is an eye-opening history of Vietnamese women and their vital role in Vietnamese society. It showcases how women from various backgrounds in Vietnam celebrate marriage and childbirth, and how they have courageously faced challenges such as French colonialism and the Vietnam War. The museum also highlights the unique customs of these different groups and how alcohol often plays a part in their traditions.

Well-Organized Exhibits

The exhibits are praised for their organization and clarity. Exhibits include descriptions in multiple languages, ensuring that non-Vietnamese speakers can fully appreciate the content.

Educational Experience

A visit to the Vietnamese Women’s Museum is not just a leisurely stroll through history; it’s a transformative educational journey. The museum tells the story of how women’s roles have changed in Vietnam over time, highlighting their strength, perseverance, and impact on the country’s progress.

Audio tour in Vietnames Women Museum
Enjoy a leisurely stroll with the audio guide as you explore history

Beautifully Curated Collection

The museum’s collection includes traditional costumes, artifacts, and photographs that beautifully illustrate the diverse ethnic groups of Vietnam. This visual appeal adds to the overall visitor experience.

What can you explore at each level?

The museum is very organized and has a lot of good information. Each floor is about different parts of life for Vietnamese women in the past and now. It’s very interesting and absolutely worth visiting.

First Floor: Marriage, Children, and Mother

On the first floor, you can learn about marriage traditions and the importance of motherhood. There are beautiful displays depicting traditional marriage customs and touching tributes to the nurturing spirit of motherhood.

There is a section about matriarchal religion, which focuses on women and offers insights into the diverse cultures of North Vietnamese communities. If you have kids, there’s a playroom with children’s books covering various topics, including stories about women.

The display of Vietnamese Women
Ethnic Vietnamese women with her child

Second Floor: Women in War

The second floor is dedicated to the role of women during wartime. You can explore the stories of women who bravely fought as militia members and guerrilla fighters, as well as those who protested for freedom and equality. The exhibits cover their roles in the Vietnam war (both generalized and specific individuals who had significant impacts in battles or behind the front lines).

Vietnamese Women Museum traditional clothes display
The display area of Vietnamese women in war

Third Floor: Different Cultural Dress

Finally, the third floor features a colorful display of traditional clothing from different regions and ethnic groups in Vietnam. You can admire the stunning attire that reflects the diverse cultural identities of Vietnamese women.

Ao Dai – The most famous traditional Vietnamese clothes

Visitor Information

Location and How to Get There

Address: The museum is conveniently located at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

– Accessibility: You can easily reach the museum by walking, using public transportation, or booking a ride-hailing service.

Opening Hours and Entrance Fees

Operating hours: The Vietnamese Women’s Museum welcomes visitors daily, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

– Entrance fee: 40,000 VND for adults (about 2 USD) and 10,000 VND for children (about 0.5 USD).

– Best time to visit: To enjoy the museum with fewer people around, it’s best to visit on weekday mornings when there are fewer visitors.

Practical Tips for Tourists

Dress Comfortably: Wear light and comfortable clothes and shoes to explore the museum easily.

– Photography Policy: You can take photos during your visit, but please be aware that flash photography or videography may be restricted in certain areas.

Additional Services and Amenities

Guided Tours: Enhance your museum experience with a guided tour provided by knowledgeable guides who will share interesting information about each exhibit. Instead, you can also take the audio tour as it gives a lot of color, interesting personal stories, and context for many of the displays.

– Gift Shop: Visit the museum’s gift shop to find souvenirs, books, and handicrafts to remember your visit or to purchase gifts.

Nearby Attractions

Below are some nearby attractions as well as the highlight of Hanoi. If you have more time and looking for authentic experiences, you can also visit our article about Hanoi’s hidden gems to find more unique things to do.

Hoan Kiem Lake: Hoan Kiem Lake: Enjoy the peaceful Hoan Kiem Lake, which is not far from the museum. You can see the Turtle Tower, visit the Ngoc Son Temple, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

Old Quarter: Explore the busy and interesting streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, where every corner reveals hidden gems waiting to be discovered. You can find markets, temples, and delicious street food everywhere you look.

Temple of Literature: Visit the Temple of Literature to learn about Vietnam’s history and traditions. You can see beautiful gardens and old buildings that are important to Vietnam’s culture.

If you are planning a trip to Hanoi and wondering which attractions to visit, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum is definitely worth a visit. It offers a rich, educational, and deeply moving experience that highlights the significant role of women in Vietnam’s history and culture.

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