What to do in Hanoi in September

The beauty of autumn in Hanoi appears in many local songs and poems in a subtle way. It is no surprise that Hanoi in September can be such inspiration for an artist like that. Besides having a wonderful natural scenery, September also has a cool and comfortable temperature that is a feature of the transition between summer and autumn.


Hanoi in September
Hanoi has special and peaceful atmosphere in September

Weather in Hanoi in September

Indeed, the temperature background in Hanoi does not change much within a day which is between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius in September. September is the last month of the rainy season in Hanoi, but there will be some sudden rainy days. The low air humidity with a cool breeze, bright sunshine, and the clear blue sky make Hanoi so romantic. Taking a walk on yellow leafy streets with a camera is a great option for anyone who likes to explore Hanoi and record a great time in their journey. However, Hanoi weather is really unpredictable, thus you should bring water along and wear comfortable light clothes for a trip in Hanoi during September.

Special features when visiting Hanoi in September

The first day of September is also the start of milk flower season – the very type of the national capital. If you cross Nguyen Du, Quan Thanh or Quang Trung streets in this season, you will find how milk flowers can be such a unique feature of Hanoi with a special smell. Even though this smell is quite strong for some people, it is undeniable that this is one of the characteristics that makes the autumn in Hanoi different.

On September 2nd, as the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is celebrating Vietnam’s National Day with much special decoration as well as events organized around the city. Especially at the end of September, there is a fun Mid-Autumn Festival when you can enjoy Vietnamese moon cakes. Across the streets, especially the old town, are painted red with lanterns and children’s toys.


Beautiful and unique milk flowers in Hanoi September
Beautiful and unique milk flowers in Hanoi September

Top must-do activities in Hanoi in September

When the last summer rains poured into the city, September comes with the coolness, clarity in the air with many delicious autumn specialties. Now the question is which things to do in Hanoi in September.

Visit culture sites in Hanoi

As the cultural center of Vietnam, Hanoi has many culture tourist destination for you to discover. The first destination that you cannot miss to visit is Ba Dinh Square – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum; where the president of Vietnam first declaration of independence to form the country. A note for you is that The President’s Mausoleum is open 5 days a week; including Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Ba Dinh Square
Ba Dinh Square in the national independent day

No less interesting, Hanoi old quarter is considered to be a unique feature of the capital with houses and streets that look from the late nineteenth century. Moreover, in this destination, you can find many famous and delicious dishes of Vietnam at quite a low price.

In the nearby location, you can find Hoan Kiem Lake that is considered as a “flower basket” in the heart of Hanoi and associated with the history of the nation. Coming here, you can enjoy walking around the lake to breathe the fresh air of Hanoi in September; or taking an ice cream of Trang Tien or Thuy Ta; and sitting on the side of this lake to see the hustle life of local people at different time in a day. All the these activities must be the great experiences for you.


Hoan Kiem lake
Beautiful and peaceful Hoan Kiem lake in autumn

And one of the most famous destinations on the journey discovering the history of Vietnam you cannot miss is Long Bien Bridge. Long Bien Bridge or also so-called the Paul Doumer bridge, was built from September 1898 to 1902 under Poul Domer construction. The bridge is the second greatest construction of the architect who designed the French Eiffel Tower. This was the most massive bridge in Indochina at that time. Up to now, this work of the Indochina colonization duration has been more than one hundred years old.


Long Bien Bridge
Long Bien Bridge – the historic cantilever bridge across the Red River

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Street food in Hanoi in September

When mentioning September in Hanoi, people who have visited Hanoi for once will come up with not only the smell of the milk flower scent, the cool air but also recall of the best dishes here. Let’s find out the best dishes that you must try on the journey to Hanoi in September.

Try to eat green rice

Referring to the gift of September in Hanoi, we must first mention nuggets – a dish that is considered the souls of Hanoi autumn. On all the streets of Hanoi old quarter in September, it is not difficult to see a woman with a bamboo basket selling nuggets. When you buy these green rice, or “Com” as the Vietnamese call it, the seller will wrap it in a lotus leaf into a square shape. That is the reason why when eating green rice, besides the aroma of the young rice, you can smell the elegant and unforgettable fragrance from lotus leaves.


Green rice
Green rice is one of the most unique specialty of Hanoi in September

Enjoy the Dracontomelon

As a special fruit that only finds in Southern China and Vietnam, Dracontomelon or so-called “Sau” is a specialty that you can enjoy in the journey in Hanoi. If the hot summer offers you with a sweet and sour cup of green Sau juice, the autumn of Hanoi will please you with a ripen Sau. Ripen Sau being dotted with salt or sugar with some paprika is a great dishes for you to try out. This snack is very “addictive” in the autumn of Hanoi.


Ripen Sau
Ripen Sau – the addicted street food vendor

Take a cup of beer or “bia hoi”

Hanoi in the afternoon is covered with the golden sunlight felling like the lemon wine of the autumn. At this time, you can see Hanoi people head to the lakeside or sidewalks restaurants to enjoy a cup of cool beer. Try to drink a cup of Bia Hoi in the sidewalk and see the hurried life of local people on the street; you can feel the enjoyment of slowly life and beauty of the old city. Apart from that, in this beer shop, you can also find out the beer drinking culture of Hanoi. People can drink with their friends or even stranger and talk about any topic; whether it is politics or entertainment news, you can find it all in this shop. Interesting, right?


A beer corner
A beer corner in Hanoi Old Quarter

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Some more suggested Hanoi tours and beyond

Let’s plan your Vietnam tours then getting to Hanoi in September and see what your experience might be. It is for sure one of your greatest ever.


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