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Hanoi is the Capital of thousand years of civilization with ancient monuments, peaceful life. If you have a travel time to Hanoi, certainly you never forget distinctive atmosphere here, with the Ho Guom Lake, West Lake, the quiet cafe, footpaths and street vendors. So, you are feeling excited about traveling to Hanoi one day, but you are wondering when is the best time to travel Hanoi. The answer that is really accepted by most of people is the autumn, the period of time from August to November.

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Ho Guom in Hanoi autumn
Ho Guom in Hanoi autumn- source: internet

All four seasons in Hanoi are good but the Hanoi autumn is extremely wonderful, and perhaps the autumn is the most beautiful one among the four. In the august, Hanoi is of perfume of milk flower, flooded roads with yellow leaves fallen, clear blue sky, warm sunlight,… this is the most wonderful time of the year and Hanoi become tender and romantic after the heat of summer. For those reasons, autumn become the best time to travel Hanoi for those who enjoy Hanoi autumn’s beauty.

Milk flower in Hanoi autumn
Milk flower in Hanoi autumn- source: internet

In Hanoi autumn, not only foreign travelers but also natives feel surprised. Ho Guom Lake has blue water, looming with tender willow shadow, clear sky, white clouds drifted. The sun is shining its sweet light through foliage of the big trees along the banks of the Lake. Every moss street corner is now illuminated a new vitality again with brilliant flowers. And Hanoi autumn is the most beautiful when it is in the early morning with the rising of the sun.

A morning in the autumn on Phan Dinh Phung St., Hanoi
A morning in the autumn on Phan Dinh Phung St., Hanoi- source: internet

In the autumn, the sunlight is extremely beautiful, it is not so hot as the summer. Actually, saying goodbye to the torrid sunshine of the summer, in the autumn you feel that the autumn atmosphere is very lovely, romantic. Everything becomes more poetic in everyone’s eyes. Sometimes, the weak winds bringing fresh air make autumn more cool. Some travelers admitted that they felt to like the sunlight of Hanoi autumn, which is both warm and cool.

Ho Guom in a raining day of autumn
Ho Guom in a raining day of autumn- source: internet

One of many factors make Hanoi autumn turns into special is yellow leaves. You can come across the yellow leaves falling everywhere: from window of neighbor’s upstairs, to along the beautiful small streets, in alleys, or on the way you are going. The fallen leaves make a street full of garish yellow. Young people like to take photographs about yellow leaves in some particular way such as when they are falling down. And Phan Dinh Phung Street is popular for such activities.

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Hanoi autumn on Phan Dinh Phung St
Hanoi autumn on Phan Dinh Phung St- source: internet

With tender beauty itself, Hanoi autumn has been going to everybody’s soul. For those who have ever traveled Hanoi, autumn here left so much deep impression to their soul. Hanoi autumn not only has become a special beauty of Hanoi but also it representative for Vietnam’s beauty. Among the four seasons, the autumn is the best time to travel Hanoi. Traveling here, you feel as immersed into romantic, poetic atmosphere of Hanoi autumn. In addition, you also feel that the people in Vietnam are very nice, friendly and loving peace.

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