24 hours in Hoi An: What to do & see – Tips to beat the crowd
Hoi An is a lovely little town on the coast of Vietnam; which played a major role as a trading port, leaving a legacy of historic buildings, colonial architecture and a lovely waterfront. Nowadays the Ancient Town of Hoi An Vietnam is a living museum registered as one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites.  As cities go, Hoi An Vietnam balances the best bits with aplomb such as art, history and culture. Especially, a sun baked beach, some awe inspiring architecture, so many magnificent foods and shopping are good enough to take a second suitcase for.
View a corner from Hoai river
View a corner from Hoai river

However, the concentration of attractions can very much lead you astray. The very unique of what Hoi An Vietnam has to offer is often hidden in the streets, down dark alleys or outside of the town. So finding the best spots requires a little advanced planning.

Hoi An weather in June is very hot for me with daytime temperatures into the high 35 Celsius degree. You will feel even hotter with the humidity. Keep an aircon remote handy!

What to do in Hoi An in such a hot morning?

Wander the ancient town

I wake up early in the morning to wander the ancient town. Early morning is the quietest time to visit when houses/shops have not opened. Travelers love to rent bicycles and cycle around the city streets. It is easy to navigate and quite a pleasant experience; not counting the hair rising traffic that you need to go through in order to get to the Ancient Town. I have done one day of cycling and we thought that it was much easier to walk around.

Hoi An old town
The beauty of quiet Hoi An old town


Hoi An ancient town
Hoi An ancient town in the early

The old quarter is compact, temple-tastic and travel base on foot. It’s a home of more than 400 years of illustration history and veritable tapestry of enchanting architecture. You can see many old houses with different outstanding The Ancient Town is a major area in Hoi An architecture. The architecture is a great combination between Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.

Old house in Hoi An
Old house in Hoi An


Old house in Hoi An Vietnam
Old house in Hoi An Vietnam

The characteristic yellow of Hoi An seemed to more softened and peaceful. Hoi An ancient town is different from the busy cities. The town is always peaceful sleep. The corner in this neighborhood is pretty and beautiful sidewalks with green boughs, brightly-colored balconies or red-textured bouquets of Hoi An summer. Then the beautiful lanterns in the sun, or the old roof as the background of green leaves. All as a landscape painting is well-colored, always warm the color of the sun and occasionally. It makes me happy when we come across corners, scenes are delicate set in.

Faifo Café

The story of Faifo Coffee started from the memory of coffee smell in ancient Hoi An Vietnam. The love for coffee from childhood grew up day by day with desire of reviving recipes of traditional roasting coffee methods. Faifo is the name the Westerners called ancient Hoi An. The place was known with sound of roasting unceasingly all day and night, passionate fragrance in the wind and pure coffee taste. Faifo Coffee was born with the desire to bring back traditional beauty of ancient Hoi An.

I like to sit on where I can see the whole Hoi An. It’s upper floor of the ancient house. Sipping a cup of coffee roasted in place, tasting its smell, bitter, sour in ancient space keeps you a memory of peaceful Hoi An. I love seeing daily activities and locals outside.

View Hoi An town from above
View Hoi An town from above

What to do in Hoian in afternoon?

Lunch at Secret Garden

What a great find! This place like a hidden gem because it is not the easy to find which located in a privileged garden in the heart of Hoi An. The Secret Garden’s glorious French-colonial, garden setting makes this hidden gem one of the prettiest places to dine in Hoi An.  Off Le Loi Street down a tiny alley, the restaurant offers Vietnamese staples blended with the flavours of home at very reasonable prices. Occasionally, though, the fusion of Western/Vietnamese flavours can be heavy-handed.  So glad I did have lunch here because the food was the best I had during my stay in Hoi An.

Delicious food in Hoi An
Delicious food in Hoi An

It was nigh on more  perfect. The dulcet tones of the guitarist, a complimentary pineapple aperitif followed by a couple of cocktails. Life was fine, indeed!

Cycling along the river

One of the delights of visiting Hoi An is that do something on bicycle. The old town is closed to motorized traffic for large part of day and night. Bicycling in Hoi An was definitely a highlight for me.  It is always a good day when I can find a place that is bicycle friendly.

There is a nice bicycle path that runs along the river, which starts at the Cam Nam Bridge.  The path is mostly traffic free. Only occasionally can a lone scooter be spotted along the path.  While bicycling, I was able to watch boats making their way up and down the river and people fishing without having to concentrate on dodging traffic.  Along the path, there are several cafes where one can stop for a coffee and further enjoy watching life on the river.

Hoi an

The best way to enjoy Hoi An fully was to spend one day visiting the above sites and then just taking long walks in the Ancient Town for the rest of our stay. Hoi An private tours is perfect if you like to take things easy and not to rush. Soak in the atmosphere, see a couple of sites, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to visit every house, temple or museum. Relax and enjoy your time in the Hoi An’s Ancient Town.

Things to do in Hoi An at night

I discovered that the things to do at night in this enchanting town offered a blend of culture and relaxation, with two standout experiences: watching the Hoi An Memories Land Show and enjoying the vibrant cocktail bars.

Hoi An Memories Land Show

The Hoi An Memories Land Show was an absolute must-see. It took place in an open-air theater right along the picturesque Thu Bon River, and the setting alone was enough to leave me in awe.

The show itself was nothing short of magical. It transported me through time, weaving the rich history and culture of Hoi An into a mesmerizing tapestry of visuals and storytelling. The intricate costumes, captivating narrative, and stunning visual effects all combined to create an unforgettable experience. I was spellbound as I watched scenes depicting Hoi An’s ancient trading days, its cultural traditions, and the enduring spirit of its people.

What made the show even more captivating was its music and lighting effects added to the immersive atmosphere, making me feel like I had stepped into a different world.

Hoian memories show
Out-standing culture show

Exploring Hoi An’s cocktail bars

After the show, I was eager to continue my night by exploring Hoi An’s cocktail bars. While the town’s nightlife might not be as raucous as some other destinations, it had a unique charm all its own.

I stumbled upon a charming cocktail bar nestled in the heart of the ancient town. With a delicious cocktail in hand, I settled onto a terrace that overlooked the beautifully lit streets. The warm evening breeze, the soft glow of lanterns, and the distant strains of traditional music created a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

As I savored my drink, I couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible day I had spent in Hoi An. The “Hoi An Memories” Lan Show had deepened my appreciation for the town’s history and culture, while the cocktail bar allowed me to unwind and soak in the romantic ambiance of this special place.

Under the starry sky and surrounded by the timeless beauty of Hoi An, I felt truly fortunate to have experienced such a magical night in this remarkable town. It was a memory I knew I would cherish for a lifetime – a perfect blend of culture, history, and relaxation that made my visit to Hoi An absolutely unforgettable.

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