Best places in Vietnam for honeymoon 2018

In the eyes of many foreigners, Vietnam is not only a beautiful country with a host of stunning landscapes but also one of the most peaceful places in the world. Are you looking for somewhere for your honeymoon vacation? Are you wondering what is the best choice? Let’s check out my top places in Vietnam for the honeymoon 2018 to have an exact answer and willing to enjoy the memorable experiences you will have

Ha Noi capital

Mentioning the best place to visit for your honeymoon, Hanoi is the first one coming to my mind. In the first time you set foot in Hanoi, you will fall in love immediately with small and crowded streets and old houses in the Old Quarter. Being known as “Hanoi 36 streets”, The Old Quarter is the top historic evidence with a long history of more than 1000 old years. Whether you love the modern lifestyle as buzzing bars or traditional cultural values, Hanoi looks like an ideal paradise for you

Coming to Hanoi, Indochina Voyages offers you Hanoi walking tour or Hanoi cycling tour as the best way to cover the historical site insides a modern and dynamic city. Strolling around Hoan Kiem Lake, being attracted by the colorful images of blooming season, seeing local people busy with their daily activities and tasting some delicious food will be a highlight of your trip. If you visiting Hanoi in the weekend, don’t forget to take part in the walking street to back on your childhood with a host of traditional games.


Hoan Kiem Lake in the evening
Hoan Kiem Lake in the evening- source: internet

Hoi An

Not as hustling and bustling as the Old Quarter, through many years, Hoi An still retains its ancient beauty with the diverse complex which is the only one in Vietnam. Get away from noisy life, Hoian is considered a completely different world. Hoi An is small enough for you to get around in on foot or taking a cycling tour. Diving into the rich cultural values in Hoi An, travelers will have a chance to immerse themselves in the peaceful vibe. Exploring here, travelers cannot take your eyes off thousands of colorful lanterns. Especially in the evening, Hoian becomes more sparkling and twinkle. A making lantern tour with the local talented artists is highly recommended for you when coming here.

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If you are a history lover, Hoi An is absolutely a place you can not get bored. Japanese Covered Bridge located in the center of Hoian is regarded a reminder of the warm friendship between Vietnam and Japan. The couple of stone statues at the end of the bridge is also a symbol for the luck and local’s peaceful life

The foody heaven is an aspect never fails at satisfying visitor’s taste in Hoi An. Beating your hunger by stunning street food is one of the most impressive things you must do. Along Thu Bon river, you can easily to look for a significant number of restaurants. If you want to experience 100% of Hoian cuisine’s soul, let’s take part in cooking tour by Indochina Voyages


Hoian ancient town
Hoian ancient town

Nha Trang

Are you an avid traveler? Nha Trang will be the perfect destination for you. Thanks to its gorgeous beauty endowed by nature, Nha Trang is regarded one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Setting your foot into the cold water, you will see how charming the sea is. Nha Trang looks like a pearl which covered in green, turquoise water and smooth white sands. The sea and mountains are so close to each other. The cool wind blowing from the sea will make you more relaxing when lying on the beach. Especially, the peaceful and mysterious beauty of the sunset is the best selection for you

Walking under the sea is a must-try in Nha Trang. It is a new recreational activity in an effort to attract more tourists coming to Nha Trang. A thirty minutes walking tour under the sea offers you a chance to admire various kinds of fishes in different sizes and fall in love with beautiful colorful coral reefs.


  1. Ho Chi Minh city

If Hanoi is a long history city, Ho Chi Minh city acquires a reputation for its modern   and bustling beauty. Being known as Saigon, this is just an absolutely action-packed city with so many things to do and to see. Admiring classic French architectures and historical monuments, visiting old temples with bunches of smoke coming from the incense, taking a busy shopping at local markets or having a cup of ice coffee at the sidewalk will be some amazing experiences in your trip.



The floating market in Can Tho

It would be not an exaggeration to say that the floating market is the highlight of your Mekong Delta trip. Today, although the road network has developed widely, floating markets still exist and grow more crowded, bringing economic and tourism potential west. Coming to Can Tho, Cai Rang market is the must-see place for travelers because of its unique features and characteristics. Beginning in early morning, Cai Rang is a big wholesale market in Can Tho and famous for being the largest fruit selling hub. Especially if you can wake up early enough, you will definitely have a unique breakfast which is served on small boats instead of on a high-end restaurant. With different variety kinds of food, what is better than enjoying the local taste and waiting for the morning dawn together with the person you love.


Experience on Mekong delta
Experience on Mekong delta

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