Discover special season in Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park is situated on the territory of the three provinces of Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa. By far, this was the place to visit resort for many tourists at home and abroad to destinations like the ancient caves, oak thousand years, primate rescue center and turtles. End of spring, when the forests of Cuc Phuong sunny, butterflies like awakening after a long sleep through the winter cold spring sun blisters the urge to fly the footsteps away. However, not everyone knows that Cuc Phuong has a “special” season that if anybody ever wanted to experience one day come back here again. Indochina tours Vietnam

Nature has given to Cuc Phuong a priceless gift where perhaps rare in this S-shaped strip of land. Cuc Phuong butterfly numerous and highly diversified, ranging from contractual butterfly, swallowtail butterfly wings on green… But most have to mention the white butterflies and yellow butterfly. Feeling them as treasures in my hometown butterflies, butterflies characterized by improved each season flowers.


White clouds of butterflies flying in a line like a walk in the forest entrance, in the music of nature. Cuc Phuong special butterfly many in late spring, early summer, when things like awakening after a long sleep through the cold winter and spring seasons. When the rains accompanied by beautiful sunny day, in the lush primeval forests, clouds of butterflies cocoon to bring together separated off shore bay leaf forests. Butterflies often fly out of the dense forest canopy to heat up if to Cuc Phuong sunshine after a rainy day, it is easy to be able to catch the butterfly pea large swarms along the edge of the forest.

New to the top of the entrance, was seen playing with butterflies flying from port welcomes tourists as a guide for each group and then deep into the forest. Reporters small motorcycle path leading into the forest base points, Feels like I’m flying with butterflies. Just turn his head to the side saw butterflies flying Arabic Defending Aaron. Occasionally they parked on the shoulder, on the helmet and the windshield. In the early sun, the butterflies appear as shimmering and magical kingdom sun drops on the leaves, drying pristine colors of forest green background. Vietnam tours packages

Many unique butterflies here
Many unique butterflies here – source:

Sometimes want to jam up but cringe, because the watch was immersed in the moment butterflies flew to his side. Partly because the butterfly is too small, despite the camera can not record the spatial and poetic horror overwhelmed him. In the mid forest in front of us is a stunning spectacle: hundreds of butterflies have gathered inside the grounds. Just quietly gestured back the whole flock flew up around her wings.

Finding peaceful with beautiful butterflies
Finding peaceful with beautiful butterflies – source:

All the colors of the sun, from basic white to yellow to blue butterflies, earth brown, pink. Indeed, watching the tiny creatures full of life floating in the sun there, feeling like life is to reproduce, flourish in the forest. As deep inside, when the road to the oak thousand years only a few kilometers, the butterflies appear as much. Peaceful feeling than seeing the butterflies dotted the skyline.

Afternoon to butterflies gradually sparse. After walking out of the oak millennium, everyone is tired. Rest a while we left the forests of Cuc Phuong. The road back to the still beautiful, still have the butterflies flying in Arabic Aaron.

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