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Laos is referred to as the Million Elephants, also known as the land of Champa, the brother of Vietnam, talked about cultural traditions and the Vietnamese and Laotian people have pretty much the same. Laos has many good traditions formed in the course of history. These customary practices that became villages, are the members of the Muong recognize and voluntarily made. Now you can discover something about the unique culture of Laos. Tours Indochina Laos

  1. Culinary culture

Unique cultures of Laos expressed in culinary culture. The rice is the main food of Laos; the cuisine is characterized by use of spices such as ginger, tamarind, lime leaves, and dried chili very spicy variety. Place the dish in most dishes are very much chili. Peppers have dozens of dishes: from fried peppers, pickled peppers, chilli peppers, chili stew, chili boiled…

Culinary culture
Culinary culture – source: internet

Food is typical Laotian and spicy blend of sweet, add herbs neutralized. Salted fish (pa dek) and Cheo including buffalo sauce, grilled peppers, roasted garlic, galangal baking, sugar and spicy herb mix or fish sauce mixed Muok including heart chilli, lemongrass, onion … almost always home there and fish sauce (pla pigmentation) are Laotians use very popular.

  1. Culture outfits

For a long time in each visualization, people capable of self-sufficiency in all kinds of blankets, cloth. When no dyes, Laotians used on berries, roots forest. The girls like to wear calico, who are darker fabrics, bright colored flowers and trees as natural in the vast and fertile mountain forests of his homeland. Lao Youth often cut short hair, wearing a short-sleeved round neck, shorts, outer wrap scarves called “tear-bar-empty” colored, checkered. When labor goes beyond farming field, men wore shorts or long pants dyed indigo. Laos travel packages

Culture unique outfits Laotians
Culture unique outfits Laotians – source: internet

Culture unique outfits Laotians is also reflected in the solemn feast days, men dressed ethnicity. It’s round neck shirt, fabric, buttons, installed on the left hand side. Outside casual shorts, the boys long wide scarves wrapped Laos called “Phase ridiculed crease the” colorful (mixed-radiation wider-ranging, even swept past the groin and stuffed in the waistband later).

  1. Festivals

Laos is long considered to be a country of festivals which seems to take place every month. Festivals in Laos, also called Bun, means blessing, as Bun means doing good to be blessed. Like other countries in Southeast Asia, the festival in Laos is divided into two parts: the ceremony is the ritual by the man set out to sympathetic with the festival spirit and mostly fun entertainment.

The major festivals of Laos:

Bun Pha Vet (Buddha reincarnation) in January;

Bun Visakha Puya (Wesak) in April;

Bun BangPhay (squib) in May;

Bun Khao Phansa – (Lent) in July; Bun Khao Padapdin (remember those who were lost) in September;

Bun Khao Phansa festival
Bun Khao Phansa festival – source:

Bun Suanghua (sailing) in October.

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