How to have a great Hai Van pass trip?

Hai Van Pass Vietnam stretches along the slopes of Hai Van mountain and 500m above sea level. It is the boundary of Thua Thien – Hue province and Da Nang city. As one of the most beautiful and impressive coastal passes in the world, Hai Van Pass is battered, meandering, striking between majestic green mountains. At times, it curls up along the mountainside and sometimes it suddenly turns to create strange zigzag lines.

Hai Van pass tour with a high mountain on the one side and the sea on the other side will give you a magnificent and mesmerizing nature picture. It is undeniable that this place is a wonderful work of natural creation and marvelous human work.


Hai Van pass
Hai Van is one of the most beautiful and impressive coastal passes in the world

Hai Van pass weather

This pass is so great when the clouds are overflowing with mountains and hills. How you can catch that timing? This is a very important factor if you want the upcoming cloud hunting period to be successful, avoiding storms and storms.

The best time to Hai Van is during the dry months from April to July. You can also visit Hai Van pass from December to March. But a note for you is that at this time, the weather is a bit cold. Therefore, you have to make sure to bring enough warm clothes with you.

From August to December, it rains a lot, the road is foggy and the beach may be cloudy. As a result, you will not only meet a dangerous situation when moving but also hard to take a nice picture and enjoy the beauty of this pass.


Hai Van pass
Choosing the right time is one of the most important factor to have wonderful picture in Hai Van pass

How to get to Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass from Hoi An

The most popular route to travel from Hue to Hoi An is through Hai Van Pass. You can rent a motorbike at the starting point (Hue or Hoi An) and return it at your destination. Your baggage can be delivered at the rental company and will be transported to the destination when you return the motorbike.

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Hai Van pass from Hue

It will be interesting if you drive along the coast from Hue. Follow the road 49 in Thuan An direction and along a large lake to return to National Highway 1A. Note that you should not take the highway from the beginning, because the road outside the highway is better and able to avoid many large trucks.

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Hai Van pass
The breathtaking views of the mountain and coast

Hai Van pass to Da Nang

Hai Van Pass is the boundary between Da Nang and Hue ancient capital. If you take a flight to Hue first, you can enjoy a wonderful Hai Van pass Hue to Da Nang. At the normal speed without stopping, it will take you about 4-5 hours for car driving from Hue to Da Nang. Therefore, to have both times to admire Hai Van pass nature and discover Da Nang, you should depart in the morning from 09:00 or 10:00.

For convenience, you should move in the direction from Da Nang city to the pass by hiring vehicles such as motorbikes, cars. However, as most cars choose to go through the tunnel pass, moving by car to the pass is quite limited. A motorbike is a good option for you to fully experience the feeling of conquering the pass with a high and dangerous slope. You can also freely stop at any place just for sightseeing, taking pictures of memories or resting.

Hai Van pass Lang Co beach

Down the Hai Van Pass is Lang Co Bay. At the time of the railway crossing along the pass road, you should stop to enjoy the beautiful view of Lang Co Bay that must be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Occasionally, a train runs through the bay creating a beautiful and charming painting of nature.

People in Lang Co are very friendly and hospitable, so don’t be shy about talking and asking local people to find the way to the sandy beach at the foot of Lang Co Bridge.

Come here and merger with the clear blue water, you can feel the wonder of nature bringing to earth which is rarely found in another bay. The sea water here is very shallow so you can freely play but also note not to go too far from the shore. What a wonderful experience and one day of traveling Hai Van Pass to Lang Co.


Lang Co Beach
Lang Co Beach is one of the most beautiful and peaceful beach in Vietnam

Now you must be wondering in which way you should move to Hai Van pass. Here is the best option for you.

Vehicle to discover Hai Van pass

Hai Van pass motorbike tour

Motorbike is the best means for you to fully experience the feeling of conquering Hai Van Pass. Moving by motorbike, you can flexibly stop at many places on the pass to take sightseeing, take photos, take a rest, etc. If you move from Da Nang, after about 1 hour, you will reach Hai Van Pass.

You should note that when going down the mountain, you should check your motorbike, go at a low speed and the low motorbike numbers. It is best to go on your trip before sunset to avoid dangerous bends.

Hai Van pass cycling

To overcome this pass, you can sit in a car going through the 7km long pass tunnel. But it will be a much more interesting feeling if you pass 21km of the dangerous road yourself. It will certainly be really challenging and exciting at the same time when you have to cross the winding bends, with a steep slope.

You can stop each time tired, enjoy the fresh air where the altitude is over 500m to “load” energy before continuing the journey to conquer. Setting foot on the top of the pass will be a worthy reward where you can witness the amazing natural scenery that there is no camera lens can fully convey.

Hai Van pass train

Hai Van railway supply is located east of the road axis, close to the sea. You can see many sections, one side is the cliff, the other is deep. With the train, you can get through 18 bridges and 6 underground tunnels, of which the shortest is 85 m, the longest is 600m.


Hai Van Pass by train
Hopping on the train is the most enjoyable ways to get the dazzling view of Hai Van Pass

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In conclusion, no matter how you choose to conquer Hai Van pass, it is surely what you do not want to miss. You are recommended to contact Vietnam tour companies for the best Vietnam tour arrangement.


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