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Tranquillity, privacy, and an authentic cultural experience are all that you can have when joining in a honeymoon tour in Laos. Feel the slower pace of life when sailing placidly along the Mekong, seeing the way of the peaceful lives of the locals on the rural banks of the river. With kaleidoscopic-jungle temples, colonial structures, spectacular towering waterfalls and a precious cultural heritage, a honeymoon tour in Laos will be more than a honeymoon. The amazing tour will be one of your most enriching and memorable experiences! Tours Indochina Laos

Honey moon tour in Laos
Honey moon tour in Laos – source: cosianatour.com

The magical world of Laos welcomes you with its magnificent scenery making it such an unbelievable honeymoon spot for the romantic trip of a lifetime. As opening relatively recently to external tourists, much of this beautiful land is still pristine and unspoiled. Coming here, adventurous honeymooners who are looking for an intimate escape with equal parts adventure and relaxation will find tropical wilderness, picturesque green rice paddies, busy cities and a wealth of recreation worth trying. From rock climbing limestone cliffs to hiking through lush jungles, your adventure tour only ends when you want it to. If you want to discover the splendid rivers, rolling mountains, tropical jungles and fresh lakes or simply enjoy the quiet of the unspoiled natural world, do not hesitate to book a honeymoon tour in Laos and discover a lost paradise of incredible beauty. Laos travel packages

Summer honeymoon
Summer honeymoon – source: traveltriangle.com

On planning your honeymoon tour, Laos may not be one of the first destinations that springs to your mind, but overlook Laos and you will be missing out on one of the most wonderful destinations to explore right now. Prevented from travelers until recently, Laos features an exactly authentic slice of South-East Asia before the visitors came in. Expect an unharmed area of mountains, valleys and jungles, where villagers go about their life like they own for centuries, orange-robed monks queue up to receive doles and tranquility rules – the perfect treacle to stimulant wedding preparations.

Create your unforgettable memories in Laos
Create your unforgettable memories in Laos – source: puretravelguide.wordpress.com

Firstly, Head to Luang Prabang – the wonderful UNESCO-protected town to enjoy relaxing time after your wedding. If you have a chance to join in three or four day tour to admire some of the stunning sights, you can either head south, to Vang Vieng for caving and kayaking activities and Vientiane, the country’s languid capital city or north, to Luang Namtha, for some of the best trekking opportunities in Asia.

Better known as the ‘4,000 islands’, Si Phan Done that is situated further south still, where you will be attracted by its natural wealth and the even more relaxed pace of life should be on top of your list. Ranging from the excellent Kingfisher Eco Resort (elephant sightings guaranteed) to La Folie, on the different banks of the Mekong from Wat Phou in Champasak, there are many good properties for honeymooners there.

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