How to catch a bus in Hanoi

Traffic jam is one of the problems taking lots of your time when travelling in capital cities. So how to make the most of a wonderful city in a limited amount of time? We think using public transports as a local can save your time and bring true experiences. Indochina tours Vietnam

It is a good ideal to move within Hanoi by bus thanks to the proximity of attractions. Hope our sharing will help your trip more fun!

How to pay get tickets for city bus in Hanoi

There are two ways to pay for Hanoi bus ticket. The first one is buying monthly tickets with various prices for each subject. If you are students, workers in industrial zones or senior over 60, you have to pay VND50.000 (US$2.5) for the one route ticket per month and VND100.000 (US$5) for all-route ticket per month. If you do not belong to the above priority group, it costs you VND100.000 (US$5) for the one route ticket per month and VND200.000 (US$10) for all-route ticket per month. In particular, with one-route ticket, you can only get on bus with a proper number. For instance, you only take bus to move between Hoan Kiem Lake and Thong Nhat park, you can choose to buy a monthly one-route ticket for bus no.9. But if bus is your major transport to move in Hanoi, then buy a monthly all-route ticket can be more economy.

To buy monthly bus tickets, you should visit this site to find the closest station and go there to register. It requires certain papers and your photo to get the first monthly ticket card. For following months, you just need to bring the card to the station then paid to get the new stamp.


Bus ticket from the center of Hanoi to Noi Bai International Airport

The second way is paying directly to the driver assistant on bus for ticket when you get on. The ticket is sold at the same price to for all people and used one time only. Most of buses charge VND7.000 (US$0.3), those with longer routes charges VND11.000 (US$0.5). The prices are clearly written on the windows. This method of paying is more convenient for those not going by bus so frequently.

How to catch city bus in Hanoi

Firstly, to catch a bus, you need to reach at the bus terminals which are marked with blue notice boards along roads. The boards contain information of the bus number and main streets these buses follow.


You can easily catch a bus right at Hoan Kiem Lake
You can easily catch a bus right at Hoan Kiem Lake -source: internet

Secondly, check the number and the direction of your bus on board, then wait for the bus. The number, the place of departure and arrival are written clearly on the front glass so that people can easily see. When the bus stops at your terminal, quickly get on the front and find a seat.


Insides of a new city bus in Hanoi
Insides of a new city bus in Hanoi -source: internet

After getting a room on the bus, show the driver assistant your monthly ticket card (if you have) or prepare to pay. Travelers should note that any types of bus tickets in Hanoi need paying in VND so you need to exchange your currency. Preparing the note VND10.000 or gathering the smaller ones to pay for tickets from the driver assistants when he comes to you. Mekong river cruise reviews


Bus No.9 arrives right at Hoan Kiem Lake
Bus No.9 arrives right at Hoan Kiem Lake -source: internet

When the bus is close to your place, walk toward the exiting door and prepare for a quick get off as the bus driver just stops very shortly at each terminal. Also, be careful with your belongings when on a crowed bus and make sure you did not leave any of them when hopping off.

Some buses to attractions in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake: In order to reach Hoan Kiem Lake, you can catch buses No.08, No.09, No.14, No.31 and No. 36.

The Temple of Literature: To visit the Temple of Literature by bus, get on buses No.02, No.23, No.32, No.38, No.41.

Bus to Bat Trang Pottery Village: Go to Long Bien terminal and catch the bus No.47

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: Catch buses No.09, No.22, No.33, No.45, No.50 to reach Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

So these are our sharing on how to catch a bus in Hanoi. Hope our information can help your time in Hanoi much more pleasant and memorable.

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