One hundred – pillar Pagoda, Cambodia

The 100-pillar pagoda, known as Wat Sorsor Muoy Roy, is at Sambor District, a one hour drive from the town center of Kratie off the road to Stung Treng Province. This site has great historical relevance for being the site one of the largest pagoda in Cambodia, the temple with 100 Columns, once stood.

The 100-pillar Pagoda
The 100-pillar Pagoda

The 100-pillar Pagoda is located at Sam Bor District in 36-kilometer distance, North of the provincial town by the National Road No 7

The 100-pillar pagoda was built on the place where the Royal Palace temple of Sam Phu Borak Capital of the Chen La time located.

One hundred – pillar pagoda was rebuilt in 1997 after being destroyed by the Pol Pot Regime in the 1970s. It now has 116 pillars. Three wooden pillars are all that remains of the original wooden Wat that was built in the 16th century. They are displayed at the rear of the temple. The 100 – Pillar Pagoda is now 35 meters wide, 18 meters long and 23 meters high and has 116 columns. It was inaugurated on Jan 14, 1998. At the area, there are four-Buddist temples facing to different directions: 1- Vihear Lao faces to the West 2- Vihear Sar Sar (the 100-pillar pagoda faces to the North 3- Vihear Kork Keut faces to the East 4- Vihear Kork faces to the South. Visit Cambodia with Indochina travel Cambodia

One hundred - pillar pagoda
One hundred – pillar pagoda

 At the pagoda, visitors will be surrounded by historical artifacts in a beautiful, tranquil setting, with buildings and rituals that make up an authentic Buddhist experience.

The original structure of the ancient pagoda Sorsor Muoy Roy no longer exists; the present pagoda is just a reconstructed modern temple.  Although far from the original temple in size and status, the present 100 – pillar pagoda still attracts many devotees and tourists alike.

The 100-pillar pagoda
The 100-pillar pagoda

During Khmer New Year, local people who live in Sampopura city usually celebrate the Nine Days Ceremony starting with 100 – Pillar Pagoda before going to Vihear Kork and then Vihear Lao.

There is also another small temple called Vihea Live located about 400m south of 100 – Pillar Pagoda along the Mekong River. This temple also has a historical link to the 100 – pillar pagoda.

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