The beauty of sparkling Hoi An – The land of lanterns

Hoi An in Vietnam is considered as a historical relic of eternal time because the mark of time still exits clearly on each of streets and the moss walls. Through many years, through many prosperous and depressed dynasties, Hoi An still remains unchanged a diverse complex which is the only one in Vietnam. In this destination, the streets, harbors and all the structures are preserved immaculately despite any difficult rules of weather and history. Moreover, local people in Hoi An still remain the traditional culture and festivals, customs, belief, civilized lifestyles, which makes a pure Hoi An with the national uniqueness. Tours to Indochina

Lanterns are the traditional handicraft products of local people in Hoi An. For many years, they have been used to decorate for the ancient houses in this arrivals. Nowadays, lanterns are also meaningful presents and decorative works of art which can be exported all over the world. In particular, lanterns are recognized as a globally famous trademark in 2013. This is the pride of not only local people in Hoi An but also all of the Vietnamese.

The beauty of lantern in Hoi An


Lanterns are always hanged at the high place in the houses, restaurants, etc. This is the hidden charm of Hoi An ancient street and the chosen beauty from the culture of other countries. Moreover, it is the unique symbol of local people who are chastity and topping. Coming here, tourists can see the lanterns in every streets, so many travelers call this destination the land of lanterns.


To make a beautiful lantern which meets all the demand of technical standards, artists have to choose the kind of bamboo carefully. Being depended on the style of lantern, bamboo is cut into many different sizes. This step have to be done accurately and meticulously without being distorted. The most attractive thing which makes visitors very interested in lanterns is that they are made by hand completely by talented artists. For many years, the lanterns in Hoi An have a certain position in the international market because of their quality, appearance and suitable price.

The lantern- making job has existed for more than 400 years. Being depended on the color, material and shape, the lanterns have their own meaning such as the happiness, love, luck and so on. Local people believe that the red is the symbol of luck, the yellow stands for the happiness, the dark brown represents for the pride and the blue reminds the sweetness.

The process of making lantern is divided into 2 periods. The first one consists of drenching the bamboo into salt water, drying and splitting into thin sticks. Then, these thin sticks are attached to 2 wooden rounds. Next, 2 heads of sticks are connected by a rope, which makes the basic shape of the lantern. After that, artists stretch the cloth, cover and stick it into the basic shape. The cloth is usually silk which is very soft and smooth. Lastly, lantern makers decorate for the lantern with colorful tassels. Vietnam travel and tours

Thousands of colorful lantern make Hoi An become sparkling and twinkle, especially at night. This atmosphere will certainly bring tourists the feeling of happiness and warmness as if they were in the fairy tales with princess and prince.

For many recent years, many enterprises has invested in motors to produce lanterns. Therefore, the price of lantern is lower than that in the past although the quality still remains unchanged. If you want to buy some as the unique presents for your family, friends and yourselves, you have to spend only about 100,000 dong per one.

The streets which are decorated by lanterns have become one of the most typical images. They look like twinkle stars in the sky, which brings visitors the peace in their soul. Coming here, you will have chance to dip into the romantic atmosphere with the lanterns.

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