The highlight beauty of Vietnamese villages
Vietnam is known as a peaceful country in the Indochinese Peninsula. Have you visited this nation? If not, it is really a pity! Every year, millions of traveler come here to have chance to see beautiful landscapes as well as the famous places of interest, enjoy special food, take part in exciting traditional festivals and so on. Let’s explore the beuaty of Vietnam villages with Travel Indochina
In each period of time, Vietnam has its own beauties which have become its identity. Therefore, regardless of when you visit Vietnam, there are many choices for you to explore this countries. Especially, if having opportunity to travel Vietnam, don’t miss chance to explore the highlight beauty of Vietnamese villages.
Duong Lam Ancient Village- a unique village the suburban of Hanoi capital.


Duong Lam Ancient Village is located only about 50 kilometers far from the center of Hanoi capital. This destination can bring you the feeling of returning to Vietnam in 1980s. This is the first ancient village in Vietnam which was recognized as a national historical and cultural relic in 2006. With many characteristics of architecture and art which are the symbols of a traditional village in Red river delta, it is not exaggerated to say that Duong Lam Ancient can be compared with Hoian Ancient Street.


The road which leads to this ancient village is paved by brick and stone honeycomb. Passing this road, you can see a lot of ancient houses (more than 950 houses). Some of them were built in sixteenth, seventeenth or eighteenth century. These house were established by traditional materials such as bamboo, wood, terracotta, sawdust and so on. Many visitors are very surprised how people could make it by such materials. Vietnam travel tours

Bat Trang Pottery Village- the heaven of pottery

Bat Trang Pottery Village is known as one of the most famous destinations which save the technique of making pottery in Vietnam. This village produces pottery with many uses such as furniture, worship things, ceramics and so on. In Bat Trang, many families still preserve this traditional career to make valuable products for domestic market as well as export in many different areas in the world.

Visiting Bat Trang Pottery Village, you will have chance to color the lovely statues, make pottery clay and many interesting activities. You can make the pottery in any shapes you want and draw anything you like. Then, you can bring it home and it will be one of the coolest presents for your family or friends.

Kin Chu Phin Village with unique houses

Kin Chu Phin is a small village which is the habitat of an ethnic minority called Ha Nhi. It is located about 10 kilometers far from the center of Nam Pung commune in a valley which is surrounded by many magnificent mountains. Being more than 1000 meters when being compared with level sea, Kin Chu Phin has cool or cold weather all year round. In winter, the snow falling to the trees makes a wonderful space.

Unique houses called Trinh Tuong in Kin Chu Phin Village
Unique houses called Trinh Tuong in Kin Chu Phin Village- source: internet

Moreover, Kin Chu Phin is very well- known with unique kind of house called Trinh Tuong. These houses look like giant mushrooms. The beauty of them will certainly make you feel like you are losing in a magic world. Kin Chu Phin with fresh air and wild and poetic landscapes will be surely an attractive destination for you in Vietnam.

Lao Chai Village in Sapa with impressive terraces

Lao Chai Village is one of the biggest and most beautiful valleys in the Northwest of Vietnam. This destination can attract a lot of tourists by its peaceful life, romantic views and unique architecture. The houses in Lao Chai are in special design with many boughs covering the roof, which makes tourists think about the fairy tales in the forest.


Besides, visiting Lao Chai, you will have chance to see a wonderful scenery called terraces. They have existed for thousands of year which are made by the skillful hand of local farmers. Many visitors coming here are shocked because of the unique beauty of these terraces. Especially, from April to September each year, the terraces are very colorful.

Villages in Vietnam has its own uniqueness and highlight beauty. They make a wonderful picture of the attractive destinations. Coming to these villages, you will have opportunity to open your soul to contemplate picturesque views here.

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