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Laos Tourism is cultural tourism, to Laos is coming to the country of temples and festivals. Laos also has many famous landscapes, pristine mountain areas and the peaceful countryside. Indochina travel


The famous landmark of Vientiane is creating tourist characteristics of Laos – cultural tourism. Nowhere in this capital city attracts tourists with ancient temples, unique and sacred.

Vientiane (

  1. That Luang

Referring to the mention Laos That Luang , by simply famous temples are the national symbol , is printed on banknotes and emblem of Laos . Wat That Luang was built in 1566 under the reign Reviews drop -thi – crackers modeled alcohol a year, on the ruins of an Indian temple XIII century, outside covered in gold . According to legend, the tower has preserved relics of the Buddha is a lot of hair and jewels. Architectural style is temples culture and identity in Laos. That Luang include the 47m high tower, surrounded by sub- tower, brightly gilded, majesty. Laos travel packages

That Luang
That Luang
  1. Wat Phra Keo

As important temples and famous only after That Luang , Wat Phra Keo was built in 1565 by King Sai Setthathirat dynasty, Phra Keo temple statue. Has had a Siamese army invaded, robbed statue Phra Keo in 1779 and flattened entire temple in 1828. From 1936 to 1942, the Lao spent rebuilding the temple. Phra Keo today is a vast museum contains many religious artworks Laos. For decoration, sculpture, exquisite carvings; many famous stone Buddhas everywhere in the temple is special; showcases the many objects of gold, silver and jade.

  1. Wat Sisaket
Wat Sisaket
Wat Sisaket

Tourists to the capital Vientiane can’t ignore the Wat Sisaket, store more than 10 thousand small and large Buddha statue is a library containing many ancient books handwritten on palm leaves . Along with the That Luang , the Phra Keo , Wat Sisaket is one of three ancient temples and the most famous in Laos , which was built in 1818 during the reign of King Chao Anouvong Bangkok architectural form . The temple has large campus, pagoda roof is covered with dark reddish-brown tiles, the ancient moss subtle, inside the hotel evokes feelings of nostalgia. This is a temple has many beautiful corners and impressive shooting.

  1. Muong Kham

Is home to the H’mong , Muong Kham quiet town located adjacent to the Phu Bia mountain – the highest mountains of Laos, and is famous grilled hot mineral springs there are two cows Noi ( small streams) and sensors (large streams) heated to 60 degrees C. famous Muong Kham also is home to many caves , this is the anti-Americanism of the field hospital , the largest and most beautiful caves Join Piev. Located in quite high above the sea, year-round cool climate, dreamy landscape, Muong Kham is an attractive destination.

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