Essential guide for a great Vietnam massage

After busy days of sightseeing, trekking, and shopping throughout your Vietnam tours, there is no better way of relaxing than treating yourself with a real Vietnam massage. Like many other countries in the Indochina region, Vietnam offers our own massage therapy to bring a clear mind and a healthy body for great journeys ahead. Here is the ultimate guide for massage in Vietnam and some recommended massage parlors across the countries including Hanoi, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Sapa.

What is massage in Vietnam?

Known as Vietnam traditional massage, massage in Vietnam has started for centuries and has its own features in compared with the massage style of any country in the world. The traditional Vietnamese massage focuses on the muscles and the tendons through the use of targeting pressure points to release tension, rejuvenate and relax. 


Massage in Vietnam
Massage in Vietnam

What are Vietnam massage therapies?

Traditionally, the ancient massage technique is called “Tam quat” which mainly focuses on stimulating blood circulation by punching and clapping on the treatment areas. Though this sounds unusual, the feeling is really soothing and relaxing. Nowadays, we can hardly find any spas with “Tam quat” on their service menu as they usually make a combination of Chinese, Swedish, Thai and Japanese to create different types of body massages. 

Here are a few extra massage therapies that you are curious to know:

4 handed massage

This is an updated version of Tam Quat involving two masseurs who use the synchronization of clapping and punching to the body. This amazing massage style helps speed up and give a simultaneous massage on the back and legs.


4 handed Vietnam massage
4 handed massage

Cupping massage

This unique massage therapy originated in China. Many are frightened when seeing the back’s red marks but it is actually not as painful as it looks.

Hot Stones

The smooth and special stones will be heated up and put onto the skins for treatment at the necks, shoulder, back or waist. The heat and slight pressure of the stones will be spread out along with the quick movement of the masseurs that slowly loosen up the muscle.  

Whether the methods for Vietnamese massage vary, the only purpose is to make people feel relaxed and reduce the pain and release any stress if have while traveling. 


Hot stone massage
Hot stone massage

What is the procedure of a Vietnam massage?

Here are steps you should know when having a massage in Vietnam:

  • 1: Smell and select the type of oils you want to use
  • 2: Change the spa outfit and store all of the belongings in the lockers, but do not bring too many precious things to the spa
  • 3: Lie on your stomach on the bed and the masseurs start to massage your back, neck, shoulder and your muscles by pulling your legs 
  • 4: Lie on your back and you will get the message for your arms, neck, shoulders and front foot.
  • 5: Massage your head without any essential oils
  • 6: Sit up and the therapists will massage your neck and shoulders in deeper level; then stretch your back for a totally relaxed body
  • 7: The therapists will clean the oil by the warm towels
  • 8: Treatment ends and time for enjoying juice or hot porridge


Cupping massage
Cupping massage at Serene Spa

Where to get a good massage in Vietnam? 

Travelers can easily find the good massage parlors inside your hotels from Deluxe to Luxury categories; especially when you are having a vacation at the resorts. But you can absolutely find many greater ones just around the street corners. 

Our guide of good places for massage in Vietnam mainly focuses on the tourists’ area; however, many locals are happy with the services as they experience the cozy atmosphere and skillful massage therapy for the well-trained staff.


  • Serene Spa, 68 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam. Price from VND380,000/45 minutes for a foot massage
  • Dai Cat, 102 Tue Tinh Street, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam


Hoi An

  • Blue Gift Spa, 52 Mac Dinh Chi Street, Hoian, Vietnam. Price from VND400,000/60 minutes for body treatment

Ho Chi Minh City

  • Temple Leaf Spa, 74/1 Hai Ba Trung District 1, HCMC, Vietnam. Price from VND250,000/30 minutes for a foot massage
  • Massage 118, 118 Pasteur Str, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam


Herbal massage in Sapa
Getting herbal massage in Sapa

What are tips for enjoying Vietnam massage?

  • Make a prior reservation to ensure you are well treated by the time you arrive
  • Expect to spend at least 60 – 90 minutes for a full-body treatment
  • Change your clothes to the clothes provided by the spa 
  • If the treatments make you feel painful, just tell your masseurs by saying “Dau qua” or “Nhe thoi” to adjust the pressure until you feel relaxed
  • For any treatments with oil, stones, you are required to remove your clothes and be half-naked during the process. The other secret parts will be covered by a large towel.
  • The tipping is expected but you should ensure the price included or excluded this amount. 

After all, if you are in Vietnam, be sure to ask your travel consultant for a Vietnamese massage; and it is certainly your great experience during your Vietnam tours 2020Enjoy Vietnam traveling!

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Linh Chu – Travel Specialist

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