Top 5 destinations for honeymoon in Vietnam in 2022

Have you ever wondered about the popularity of Vietnam – a small yet beautiful country? The answer must lie in the variety of landscape which ranges from deep blue beaches to rural mountainous area or hustle and bustle cities. Furthermore, Vietnam is an affordable destination, especially for a honeymoon trip. Hence, do not search elsewhere, this blog will guide you to the most romantic places for your honeymoon in Vietnam.

Phu Quoc – Paradise Island

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Vietnam is Phu Quoc. It is considered as Paradise Island by plenty of travelers thanks to its white sandy beaches, crystal water, and evergreen forest. Located in the south of Vietnam in Kien Giang province, the island’s scenery has not been spoiled by the effect of mass tourism, since some parts of the island are protected by UNESCO.

There are a number of luxurious beach resorts that allow couples to have private moments and comfortable stays. Besides relaxing time lying and getting tanned on the beach, couples can enjoy numerous activities such as diving, snorkeling, visiting fishing villages. Fresh yet affordable seafood is also one of the best things Phu Quoc Island can offer to the travelers during their stay. Having dinner on the beachside in combination with watching the sunset will be the most memorable experience for all of the couples.



A type of accommodation in Phu Quoc 

Vietnam Government has recently applied visa exemption for all foreigners with the duration of stay up to 30 days. So why not put Phu Quoc on your bucket list for your honeymoon in Vietnam?

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Con Dao – Mysterious Gem

Con Dao is a relatively new destination that possesses plenty of unspoiled beaches in Vietnam that rests in the quiet water of South China Sea. It is 80 kilometers from the mainland of the Mekong Delta region and 230 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. Similar to Phu Quoc, the island has gained its fame from the crystal clear water, soft golden beaches, and moreover, lush mangrove forests and green coral reefs. The island’s history leaves the place a more untouched and pristine destination than Phu Quoc. In the past, Con Son, the largest of this archipelago held thousands of prisoners during the French rule and American regime. Island-hopping and diving are the two most favorite activities that will give you an opportunity to observe various wildlife; such as stingrays, barracudas, moray eels, and dugongs.

If you visit Hon Bay Canh between June and September, you may even get a chance to watch turtles laying their eggs. Renting a motorbike and ride through the Shake Cape (Mui Ca Map) or Nhat Beach is also an ideal activity for couples who need private time. In order to access the Island, you need to take a straight flight from Ho Chi Minh City in which Vietnam Airlines is the sole operator.



A sight of the turtle laying eggs in Hon Bay Canh (source: Internet)

Dalat – Valley of love

Dalat is actually more well-known among Vietnamese tourists. However, if you are desperately in need of a tranquil and romantic valley, Dalat is your option. It is a lovely valley in the south-central highland of Vietnam, 1500 meters above the sea level. Covered in eternal pine trees and a paradise of flowers, along with its cool and harmony weather with the highest temperature in summer is 25 Celsius Degree, you will feel a different atmosphere here.



Everywhere in Dalat is filled by the color of flowers (source: Internet)

Its name originates from the French, who first called the area Vallee d’Amour (literally the Valley of Love). Popular sites in Dalat that couples can pay a visit are Liang Liang mountain, Vong Canh Hill, Da Thien Lake or Love Lock Bridge. There may be few resorts here, you can find a great number of cozy and well-designed homestays instead; which is also a unique feature of Dalat. A suggestion is that you should not visit Dalat between August and November since you can be troubled by the rain.

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Hoi An – Ancient town

Needless to say, you will love Hoi An at first sight. There is nowhere in Vietnam that you can find such a peaceful and old town like Hoi An. The town’s most valuable treasure, centuries-old architecture is well preserved up to this day regardless of the outside development. Back to the 17 – 18 century, it was once a significant trading port in Southeast Asia with a large amount of Japanese and Chinese merchants came to do business. Time after time, they left their marks into the history of Hoi An, making this little port town a harmonious mix of cultures.



Hoi An by night (source: Internet)

In addition to slowly strolling around the town, couples can also relax in some beachside resorts. Food is definitely another worthy aspect to try in Hoi An: Thanh Cao Lau, Chicken rice, Baguette (Banh Mi), Fried Wonton (Hoanh Thanh) or Khot Cake are must-try once you come here.

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Halong Bay – The descending Dragon

Traveling to the North of Vietnam, you can pick Halong Bay for your honeymoon in Vietnam. But only if you want to enjoy a touristic atmosphere and dynamic activities such as kayaking, swimming or climbing. Halong Bay is in the list of “7 New Wonders of the World”, it, therefore, has been an attractive spot for tourists all over the globe.



Kayaking in Halong Bay 

The most exciting activity on the Bay is taking part in a cruise and it is more appealing if you stay there overnight. You will have an opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner and then wake up in the next morning in the middle of the sea; it may also a fascinating idea for your Honeymoon trip-planning. Now, there is some small private junk with 01 cabins only, so you can choose these private junks to raise experiences and enjoy a special honeymoon on your way. The price of these junk is not expensive and you need to book soon because of the limitation on private junks in Halong.


Relaxing in the sun-deck of Halong Bay Cruise

Suggested Vietnam tours

You should consider those suggested Vietnam tours above for your honeymoon in Vietnam. Or if you’d like to customize your tour, I’m sure that the travel consultants will give the best advice for you two. Finally, I hope that with my suggestions on this article, you – honeymooners will choose one of these for your Vietnam honeymoon tours. I believe that you will have a memorable trip for whole life.

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