Ninh Binh- destination you should put into trip in April
Now is April. That means the summer is comming soon. Are you wondering where you are going to visit in this hot weather. You’re searching some places in the North like Sapa, Lao Cai. You think that in mountainous area, the air is cooler and more pleasant. But you afraid of the distance from Ha Noi. Another choice i would like recommend to you in April is Ninh Binh. It will be worth than your hope. So visit here with us- travel Indochina Vietnam
The most famous in Ninh Binh I can not miss mentioning you is Trang An landscape complex. Thanks to its natural and cultural values, Trang An is a new travel route that has recently operated and opened to travellers attracting a large number of travelers year after year. The Trang An scenic landscape complex- have many cultural and natural values with special natural landscapes created by the harmonious combination of mountains, rivers, grottos submerged in the water all year around with the intact, wild fauna and flora systerm. The are features traditional historical and cultural values with many historical relics and famous cultural festival. One of those is Bai Dinh pagoda. As one of the famous spiritual tourism destinations with many Asian records, the Vietnam book of records recognized Bai Dinh as the pagoda with the biggest bell in Vietnam. But if you come to Bai Dinh in April, you should visit in the late afternoon to advoid the sunlight and as the end of your trip to Ninh Binh.

The Bai Dinh pagoda
The Bai Dinh pagoda- source: internet

The limestone mountain in Trang An were formed in the final step of the weathering process of the region with humid tropical monsoon climate. The karst mountains here are in the shape of a tower or a cone or surrounded by numerous valleys and holes linked together to create hundreds of  grottos, many of which are wet ones. The grottos were formed due to the interaction of some geological structures on earth. And they are located next to the sea, they have been encroached by seawater and transformed many times and now they emerge on land. Everyone must be interested in Trang An for sure as the land features beautiful scenery and rich history. People can come and explore while feeling relaxed. This makes up the attractiveness of Trang An complex.


Visiting to Trang An, visitor can admire the landscapes of the land while sitting on boats moving in the tributary of the historical Sao Khe river from Trang An boatlanding. The water here is always blue and pure as a gem, so the stream is called Ngoc (gem) stream. Vietnam travel tours

Moving by the boat in Trang An is an interesting experience
Moving by the boat in Trang An is an interesting experience- source: internet

Visitors will experience a gamut of emotion when exploring the origin of life, admiring the pure and subtle beauty, enjoying fresh air, and feeling proud of the glorious history of the country. The boats will take you to 3 temples and through 12 caves including Toi (dark), Sang (bright), Nau Ruou, Sinh, Si and Ba Giot (3 drops) caves, etc. Those caves have many beautiful stalactites. The domes are shelters of many bat species. The locals call them “ Man Voc” (silk curtain) because the stalatites are as beautiful as silk. The place seems to gathers the beauty of the heaven and the earth. The caves, the grottos, the mountains and the lakes here together creat a labyrinthine battle array. Especially, the lakes in Trang An can creat many closed water journeys in which you do not have to return on the same way. And it is cool in the cave in the summer so even you come in April, everyone still feel comfortable inside it.

Know as Halong Bay on land or the 2th best grotto in Vietnam, Tam Coc- Bich Dong is always a great destination for those interested in ecotourism thanks to its poetic landscape. Tam Coc means 3 caves including Ca (fish ), Hai (second), Ba (third) caves, is about 5 km from Trang An ecotourism area, Tam Coc- Bich Dong is a part of Trang An complex. On its 2 banks are the green of rice fields in April that you will be impressed. Visiting here, you should go in the earrly morning when the weather is till not getting too hot. The boats in the river insprire photographers to work. Visitors can climb up the mountains to have a panoramic view of the poetic land. To honour the beauty of Tam Coc, Le Cong poet wrote:

“ When was the boat landing founded

Its deep blue is really inviting

So crowed of visitor waiting

The rower flashes a bright smile “

Green color picture created by green rice fields
Green color picture created by green rice fields- source: internet

Everything here together creates a mysterious and poetic picture you’ve never seen before. The summer is comming soon. This will be perfect time to visit Ninh Binh. Let your mind and brain have some rest and fire that enthusiastic spirit of yours. So pack your stuffs up, and get ready for a brand new adventure awaiting.

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