Top things to do in Da Nang on your Vietnam tours

Da Nang’s various attractions and activities cater to just about all kinds of interest. While adventurers ride their own motorbikes through Hai Van Pass and more relaxed travelers can soak up the sun on one of many shorelines with opportunities for swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and surfing. However, Da Nang is not just for beach bums and active types, the city also offers up its own history and religion at some major landmarks such as Son Tra Linh Ung Pagoda complex. Food connoisseurs can find themselves eating local food at a small food stand. And those traveling with kids can get a great dose of culture at one of Da Nang’s museums. Hereunder are must-visit Da Nang attractions and things to do that no one should miss.

Top things to do in Da Nang on your 2018 Vietnam tours

Enjoy a break on the coast


My Khe beach – the most spectacular beach in Da Nang
My Khe beach – the most spectacular beach in Da Nang

Part of the country’s prime central coastline, which runs about 80 miles, from Hue to Hoi An, the scores of beaches in Da Nang beckon travelers, both domestic and international, with promises of emerald waters, brilliant white sand with mild waving sea all year round, great jungle trekking or boating experience, excellent surf and stand-up paddling lessons, and ample coral-watching.

Plan your Da Nang tour at CLASSIC CENTRAL VIETNAM

You will never find a beach you do not love in Da Nang. Some beautiful classic destinations all deserving a spot on your list of places to see on your Da Nang tours are Non-Nuoc, Thanh Binh, Nam O, Bac My An, Xuan Thieu, or the Son Tra peninsula. Run, bike, sunbathe, swim, chill out, or relax along Da Nang’s 18.6 miles of free public beaches stretching from Danang all the way down to Hoi An and even further south, or head to the sandy waterfronts to sample amazingly fresh seafood, Buddhist sanctuaries, pagoda temples, sacred limestone caves, and local fishing villages – there is so much to do here.

Pay a visit to Lady Buddha

Chances are you have been to Da Nang City in Central Vietnam, perhaps even more than once, probably for the kind of mass-tourism and theme-park pleasure in the world-class Fantasy Amusement Park of Ba Na Hills Resort or the Asia Park that involves pretty expensive admission tickets and hour-long lines. But what if you were to visit the most worth living city in Vietnam without setting foot in a single theme park? No Sun Wheel, no Clock Tower, no roller coaster. It is possible to find that Da Nang has a lot more to offer than just the colorful lights. It is also about Buddhist temples.

Among top temples in Da Nang, the spectacular 220 feet-tall white standing Lady Buddha, which guards the shores of Da Nang and looks after the local fishermen, tends to be the most favorite one.

Go on a Da Nang foodie tour


Mỳ Quảng-a dish to try in Da Nang
Mỳ Quảng-a dish to try in Da Nang

Vietnam is home to many different kinds of street food and each city has its own various different stalls selling their wares. Da Nang is not an exception. And not until do you go to Da Nang that you know that this city has such a happening food scene. From Mỳ Quảng (Quang style noodle) to bún chả cá (grilled fish cake noodle) to bánh xèo (sizzling cake) and nem lụi (lemongrass pork skewers), you can find something available to eat on many of the narrow, motorbike-clogged back streets of the city at any time of the day.

As the cost of eating out is the same as cooking at home, if you are more of a street food type of person, do not be surprised to easily find out a food stall to eat for a good choice at reasonable price. Moreover, you should follow the locals or get great recommendations from your tour guide for the most famous food places in the city

Pay a visit to Han Market, and Con Market


Dong Ba Market-where to be immersed in local culture
Dong Ba Market-where to be immersed in the local culture

It is a fact that Da Nang has some of the best markets in Vietnam. Assuming you have enjoyed food like a bowl of mỳ quảng or bún mắm, gỏi cuốn (spring rolls), or a portion of bánh xèo, bring back some local ingredients such as long pepper, chilies, rice crackers, dried squids, and Ly Son garlic. Pick up some fish sauce and shrimp paste is not a bad idea — they make great presents and you really cannot go wrong with any of them.

Everyone comes to Central Vietnam to visit Da Nang, and no doubt, it is one of the most beautiful cities in this S-shape land. But staying a little longer and exploring all Da Nang has to offer. From going on a road trip to explore Hai Van Pass or admire the views from Son Tra Peninsula to planning your fun beach getaway, let’s visit Da Nang on your Vietnam tours to enjoy a wealth of activities and attractions.


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