7 days in Vietnam: Perfect Itineraries & Must-read travel guide without rush travel

It would be a very difficult job to plan how to spend 7 days in Vietnam since it is probably not enough. Still, you can experience a lot without feeling rushed if have enough insight to plan your journey. In this travel guide, we will help you plan the perfect 7-day itinerary in Vietnam, focusing on one region to make the most of your time.

Is 7 Days Enough in Vietnam?

7 days could be enough to get a taste of Vietnam, but it’s important to focus on only one region to avoid feeling rushed. Vietnam is a long, narrow country with diverse attractions spread across three main regions: North, Central, and South. Trying to cover too much ground in a week can lead to a whirlwind tour that leaves you exhausted. Instead, choose one region and explore it thoroughly.

Where to Visit in Vietnam in 7 Days?

For a 7-day itinerary, we recommend focusing on one region of Vietnam, especially Northern. This area offers a mix of bustling cities, serene landscapes, and cultural experiences. Here are some must-visit destinations in Northern Vietnam:

Hanoi: The capital city, known for its rich history, vibrant street life, and delicious cuisine.

Halong Bay: A UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its emerald waters and thousands of limestone islands.

Sapa: A mountainous region known for its terraced rice fields, ethnic minority villages, and stunning trekking routes.

Ninh Binh: Often called “Halong Bay on land,” this area features limestone karsts, winding rivers, and ancient temples.

Charms of the Northern Vietnam
Charms of the Northern Vietnam

5 Suggested itineraries

5 plans listed here will include Vietnam charms in each region without rush, that you can consider for your Vietnam 1 week itinerary:

Itinerary 1: Classic Vietnam itinerary 1 week

This itinerary will be suitable if you want to get a bit of everything from North to South Vietnam and to basically understand and experience the country. Since you have a limited time to visit all major attractions of Vietnam, this will be a rushed itinerary so be prepared for it.

DayRoute & PlaceHighlightsTransportationOvernight
Day 1Hanoi arrivalArrival & RestInternational flightHanoi
Day 2Hanoi city tourFull Day Discovering Historical Sites of HanoiCarHanoi
Day 3Hanoi – Halong BayEnjoy Halong Bay overnight cruise with fascinating water activities (kayaking, visit cave, swimming, etc)Car, CruiseHalong Bay
Day 4Halong Bay – Hanoi – Flight to Da NangArrival Hoi An in nightCar, Domestic flightHoi An
Day 5Hoi AnDiscovering Hoi An Ancient TownCarHoi An
Day 6Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh Arrival Ho Chi Minh City with various highlights in Saigon City tourDomestic flightHo Chi Minh
Day 7Ho Chi Minh – Mekong Delta – Ho Chi Minh DepartureDay trip in Mekong Delta with unique cultures of locals (visit fruit garden, rowing boat through small canals)Car, International flight

Itinerary 2: 7 days in Vietnam for family in Northern

Halong Bay kayaking
Kayaking in Halong Bay

The family may prefer to avoid rush journeys with air travel, therefore, so focusing on typical areas is the best option. This Vietnam itinerary for 7 days will give your family a comprehensive exploration of Northern Vietnam.

Day Route & PlaceHighlightsTransportationOvernight
Day 1Hanoi arrival + Cyclo tourArrival in Hanoi and explore the city by cycloInternational flight, carHanoi
Day 2Hanoi half-day tour Half-Day City Tour or Bat Trang Ceramic Village – Street Food TourCarHanoi
Day 3Hanoi – Halong BayEnjoy the Halong Bay cruise with various water activitiesCar, CruiseHalong Bay
Day 4Halong Bay – Hanoi – Night train to Lao CaiDisembark the cruise, back to Hanoi, and take an overnight train to Sapa (the train departs at 21:00 or 21:40)Car, TrainLao Cai
Day 5SapaEnjoy a trekking tour in SapaCarSapa
Day 6Sapa – HanoiDiscover Sapa attractions like Fanxipang Mountain and Silver Waterfall before going to HanoiCar/ Train/ Shuttle busHanoi
Day 7Hanoi – Ninh Binh – Hanoi – Flight homeVisit Ninh Binh with a boat trip and biking around tranquil villagesCar, local boat, international flight

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Itinerary 3: 7 days Vietnam explore mountainous areas itinerary for adventurers

Rice terrace in mountainous area in north vietnam
Rice terrace in mountainous area in the North Vietnam

For adventurers, you should take a journey to the north of Vietnam which is often praised for its unique natural and cultural features. For nature, the most famous one is the world heritage Halong Bay. However, many other places such as Sapa, Ha Giang, Ba Be, and Cao Bang are all worth visiting with magnificent landscapes and cultures.

DayRoute & PlaceHighlightsOvernight
Day 1Hanoi – Ha GiangArrival in Ha Giang and prepare for the trekking tour Ha Giang
Day 2Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Dong VanEnjoy a trekking tour through the mountains, valleys, and rice terraces surrounding Ha GiangDong Van
Day 3Dong Van – Meo VacExplore unique cultures in mountainous areaMeo Vac
Day 4Meo Vac – Bao Lac – Cao BangInteract with local ethnic minorities, drive through some of Vietnam’s most rugged territoryCao Bang
Day 5Cao Bang – Ban Gioc – Nguom Ngao CaveVisit the magnificent Ban Gioc Waterfall that lies on both Vietnam and China and the magnificent Nguom Ngao CaveCao Bang
Day 6Cao Bang – Ba Be LakeTravel to Ba Be Lake and restBa Be Lake
Day 7Ba Be Lake – HanoiEnds up in the verdant karst mountains with a relaxing boat trip at Ba Be Lake- the biggest freshwater lake in VietnamHanoi

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Note: Be expected to spend a long time on the car/bus when you decide to travel to this region. Even though, the view on the mountain will never disappoint you.

Itinerary 4: Southern Vietnam Discovery 6 Days

Floating market in Mekong Delta
Floating market in Mekong Delta

This trip offsets the best look at local lives in the area with the choice of luxury or deluxe taste of overnight onboard a Mekong cruise. This is the best itinerary for those who are looking for an effective South Vietnam private tour in a reasonable timeframe.

DayRoute & Place TransportationOvernight
Day 1Ho Chi Minh arrivalInternational flightHo Chi Minh
Day 2Ho Chi Minh city tourCarHo Chi Minh
Day 3Ho Chi Minh – Cao Dai – Cu Chi CarHo Chi Minh
Day 4Ho Chi Minh – Mekong DeltaCarMekong Delta
Day 5Mekong Delta – Ho Chi Minh CruiseHo Chi Minh
Day 6Free day

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Itinerary 5: Hidden Charms Of Hoi An & Luang Prabang 8 Days

Attraction Luang Prabang in Laos
Attraction Luang Prabang in Laos

If you’ve been on a long flight and want to explore Vietnam and beyond, but have a short time, taking a journey to Hoi An and Luang Prabang is also a good choice. In one week, this tour takes you to the most charming towns in the region. It includes Luang Prabang in Laos and Hoi An in Vietnam.

Both destinations are often requested by travelers to the Indochina region. The trip is a good fit if you are into the history and local lifestyle.

DayRoute & PlaceHighlightsTransportationOvernight
Day 1Luang Prabang arrivalArrival in Luang Prabang and have a short visit aroundInternational flightLuang Prabang
Day 2Luang Prabang – Pak Ou Cave – Kuang Si WaterfallVisit signature Pak Ou Cave and Kuang Si Waterfall in LaosCruiseLuang Prabang
Day 3Luang Prabang cycling tripEnjoy cycling tour in Luang PrabangCar, bicycleLuang Prabang
Day 4Luang Prabang – Flight to Hanoi – Da Nang – Hoi AnPrepare to travel to Central VietnamInternational & domestic flightHoi An
Day 5Hoi An Ancient Town – My Son SanctuaryExplore Hoi An Ancient town with My Son SanctuaryCarHoi An
Day 6Hoi An relaxationRelax in An Bang Beach after long days traveling to exploreCarHoi An
Day 7Hoi An Cooking classEnjoy a fascinating Hoi An cooking class with various Vietnamese dishesCarHoi An
Day 8Hoi An – Da Nang – DepartureSay goodbye to Hoi An and prepare to navigate to Danang International AirportInternational flight

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How Much Money is Enough for 1 Week in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a budget-friendly destination, and the cost of your trip will depend on your travel style. Here’s a rough estimate for a mid-range budget:

  • Accommodation: $20-$50 per night for a comfortable hotel or guesthouse.
  • Food: $10-$20 per day for meals at local restaurants.
  • Transportation: $50-$100 for buses, trains, and taxis.
  • Activities: $50-$100 for entrance fees, tours, and activities.

Overall, a budget of $400-$700 per person should be sufficient for a week in Vietnam, excluding international flights.

Helpful Travel Information for Visiting Vietnam for the First Time

Vietnam Weather

  • Vietnam has a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons.
  • The best time to visit Northern Vietnam is from October to April when the weather is cooler and drier.

Transportation Available

  • Buses and trains are the most common forms of long-distance transportation.
  • Taxis and ride-hailing apps like Grab are widely available in cities.
  • Motorbike rentals are popular but require caution and experience.


  • Vietnam uses 220V, 50Hz electricity with two types of plugs: Type A (two flat pins) and Type C (two round pins).
  • It’s advisable to bring a universal adapter.

Call & Internet

  • SIM cards with data plans are inexpensive and widely available at airports and convenience stores.
  • Wi-Fi is available in most hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

License Needed When Traveling

  • A valid passport with at least six months’ validity is required for entry.
  • Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa. Check the latest visa requirements before traveling.
  • An international driving permit (IDP) is required if you plan to rent a motorbike or car.

When planning your trip, it is always better to look at the weather and other factors. If you want more details and specifics that suit you best with valuable advice, contact us through our email [email protected] to share with us your expectations, and then Indochina Voyages Team will design the trip just for you. You will get the quote and response within 12 hours.

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