What to do to enjoying your trip in Da Nang Vietnam?

Well known as the most worth living city in Vietnam for a good quality of life and an affordable cost of living, Da Nang is a wonderfully nearby diverse progressive metropolis midway between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. And many of its riches are familiar – plenty of travelers on their Vietnam tours will have treasured memories of immersing in the nature in Bach Ma National Park or spending lost weekends soaking up the sun.However, we have also tried to delve a little deeper to enjoy an interesting holiday – both well-trodden and off-the-beaten-track – not too hard in a city comprised of not only the natural charm but also some religious-themed attractions and the serene beaches. Looking for some ideas on what to do on your tour in Da Nang with airfare included? From gothic style cathedrals to quintessential local foods, we hope you find some inspiration amid the diversity.

Be impressed by the surf culture at the My Khe Beach – a laid-back, wellness-crowd vibe


Surfing is the most adrenaline-rushing activity at the My Khe Beach
Surfing is the most adrenaline-rushing activity at the My Khe Beach

You love beaches but you are not the type who sits on the beach with your toes planted firmly in the sand or bathe in cool water with little waves? Why not discover the My Khe Beach by surfing? One of the six most attractive beaches on the planet voted by American Economic Review Forbes, My Khe Beach disposes of quite a few natural treasures known throughout the world. Just as much splendor awaits you in the one of the top ten of Asia’s best beaches, where long and flat sand-bank is suitable for outdoor activities and magnificent stretches of white smooth sand, turquoise water, yellow sunshine as well as poetic ranges of coconut palm trees nearby are perfect for photos.

However, the greatest way to get to know the natural heritage is to explore its waves – some of the most consistent in the country – which provides excellent surfing conditions for both beginners and experienced surfers. Get ready to hit the waves at the most favorite surf destination in Vietnam – known for its jaw-dropping charm, convalescence, relaxation as well as its break! Such a wholly enjoyable experience!

Tour the Phap Lam Pagoda – the largest temple of its kind in Da Nang


Phap Lam Pagoda - the largest temple of its kind in Da Nang
Phap Lam Pagoda – the largest temple of its kind in Da Nang

Perhaps the most famous of the many pagodas in the city for its very calm and serene atmosphere in spite of its location right in the heart of the city, Phap Lam Pagoda is a sight to behold and a place to visit on your tour in Da Nang with airfare included. Sheltered — literally— from the bustle of urban life by ornately carved pillars and jade-hued roofs, this two-story pagoda in the city center is best known for its three giant Buddha statues in the courtyard and an equally imposing large gold one inside the pagoda.

The towering trees, manicured gardens, intricately carved pillars, handwritten Buddhist Pali incantation, and intricate Buddhist sculptures are all impressive and feature religious and cultural information to boot. Locals praying or getting their fortunes told while the resident monks are going about their daily lives is a beautiful sight to see each morning. Meanwhile, a lot of nearby local restaurants, cafés, and food carts, which cater to its resident monks and devotees, are a great place to sample many Buddhist-friendly vegetarian fares.

  • Location: 574D Ong Ich Khiem Street, Nam Duong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Opening hours: Daily from 5 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 11.30 p.m.
  • Entrance fee: Entry is free for all but donates are welcomed.

Taste local food – the pride of all Da Nang people


What to eat in Da Nang
What to eat in Da Nang

Those among you who look for a bit of acquired local taste during your holiday in Vietnam will love the central region – just as many as towns and cities, where you can enjoy mouthwatering dishes in its most authentic flavors. Hoi An may be the obvious capital of local food in Central Vietnam, but Da Nang, where you can find an abundance of the quintessential foods, is not a bad choice. Plan best deals to Vietnam now

Han Market and Con Market – two of the most famous markets in Da Nang, are these great places to get the best regional dishes & drinks and get deeper into a new culture. Da Nang City will seduce you with a wonderful mix of nature, culture, and, of course, excellent food. Thus, when you travel to Central Vietnam, sampling local food is really one of the top things to do in Da Nang. If you do not know anyone in Da Nang that you can get recommendations from, then book a food tour with a reliable Vietnam tour operator the very 1st day of your trip.

Da Nang City, in Central Vietnam, is known for its stunning gothic style cathedrals, abundant excellent foods, worldwide famed beaches, and vibrant culture. Here are some recommendable ways to make the most of a tour in Da Nang with airfare included. Welcome to Da Nang – one of the most popular destinations in Central Vietnam – the heart of Vietnam!

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